Party Ideas for Animal Lovers

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Are you planning a birthday party, but seem to be all out of original ideas? We’ve got some great party ideas for animal lovers with a focus on everything related to alpacas. An Emotional Support Animal would be an incredible surprise as well for those that need emotional support.

Alpacas are known for their gentle, mild-mannered personalities. They’re also quite similar in appearance to llamas. You’ll find that many party ideas can work for either animal, which is perfect because they’re both so adorable!

Having an Outdoor Party

There are many GB Alpaca breeding farms that offer alpaca parties. You can choose from several party setups, activities, food and drinks.

Some of the activities include getting up close enough to the alpacas and even taking them for a walk around the farm. And don’t forget the handmade crafts and DIYs that you can make using alpaca fiber.

As an added bonus, your guests will receive alpaca-themed party favor bags. It’s no secret that these alpaca farms know how to bring out the animal lover in all of us.


If you prefer to have a party at home with alpaca decorations rather than the real thing, there are plenty of adorable ideas to choose from.

Let’s get started!

Alpaca Cake and Cookies

An alpaca cake can be anything you want it to be. You can have a cake shaped like an actual alpaca head. Or you can opt for a traditional cake, then decorate it using cactus and alpaca cake toppers. 

Then there are those delicious and utterly cute mini alpaca cookies. The first step is finding the perfect alpaca-shaped cookie cutters. Once you’ve done that, the baking and decorating will be a piece of cake.

Other shapes that are also easy to make are cactus shaped cookies. They fit in perfectly with the alpaca theme. Plus, their basic shape makes piping them super fun!

Alpaca Pinata

When it was time to make an alpaca pinata, it wasn’t hard to find some great ideas. Everything we found was fairly straightforward with simple step-by-step instructions to follow.

Using a few basic supplies, you can make your own pinata as well. The best part is that it’ll look terrific no matter what. So get those creative juices flowing!

Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll need to get started.

●  Cardboard

●  Masking tape

●  PVA glue

●  Mod podge

●  Tissue or crepe paper

Alpaca Tableware

One of the best ways to get the ultimate party theme is through the tableware. The same is undoubtedly true for alpaca-themed parties. Many tableware sets come with their own cups, napkins, and even some cute cake toppers.

And don’t forget the alpaca plates with the adorable designs. What’s great about them is that they’re disposable. So you can have a fantastic party without any of the after-party hassles.

A Final Note

Using these party ideas for animal lovers is a sure way to impress kids and adults alike. Alpacas, including GB alpacas, make the perfect party theme because they’re such gentle animals.

You can have an alpaca party with real live alpacas. Just being around them will make your day extra special.

If that doesn’t appeal to you, there’s always the option of having a full-on alpaca-themed party. With so many terrific ideas to choose from, your guests will have the time of their lives!

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