Traveling Tips for Dog Owners

Patience, Care, and Planning: Traveling Tips for Dog Owners

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Dog owners who plan to travel with their pets should treat their furry friends with lots of care. Dogs are pretty fussy about their surroundings and often don’t react well to travel. In other words, you can’t just toss Fido in the back seat with a chew toy, hope for the best, and expect everything to go well. Traveling with a dog requires planning and lots of patience. 

Proper ID

If your dog is coming along for the ride, there’s at least a chance he could run away or get lost. That’s why it’s so important to have plenty of identification on hand during your trip. Your pooch should have updated tags and be microchipped so he can be traced electronically. Be sure the microchip provider has your current information, particularly your cell phone number in case they have to contact you while you’re en route. If you’re traveling by airline, your dog’s crate or carrier must have an identification tag on the outside.

Think About Your Vehicle

Use common sense when traveling with your pet: If you have a big dog, it doesn’t make sense to wedge him into a subcompact car. For his comfort and yours, you’ll need to rent a much larger vehicle — maybe a van or SUV — so there’s plenty of room for both pet and pet supplies. Whatever vehicle you choose, be smart about securing your dog. Whatever you do, never leave a dog loose in the bed of a pickup truck, which isn’t safe for anyone.

Pet-Friendly Places

There are plenty of dog-friendly hotels these days, which makes it possible for many people to bring their four-legged friend along on trips. In some places, it can be difficult to find a hotel that accommodates dogs; even in dog-friendly hotels, things can get uncomfortable if your pet barks a lot or tends to be excitable around strangers. Sometimes, it’s just easier on everyone to stay somewhere where you don’t have to worry about disturbing other guests. 

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Dogs are creatures of habit, and they can often be pretty skittish about being left alone in a strange place. If you have to leave your dog at some point during your trip, consider arranging for a reputable pet sitter to keep him company. If you’re staying in a hotel where he can’t bark and whine for hours, a pet sitter can be a real blessing. 

Be Well Supplied

Packing for your dog is easy compared to your teenage son or daughter, but you always need to bring along your pet’s medications, food and water dishes, and favorite toys. Be sure to have at least two sturdy leashes or dog harnesses, especially if you’ll be near other people. A crate or carrier is a good idea in a hotel when your dog shouldn’t be running around the room. 

Be sure to acclimate your pet if he’s not used to being confined in a crate — that’s especially important if you’re traveling by plane. Airlines require that dogs be transported in crates, which can be traumatic for animals that don’t like being confined to small spaces. 

As a dog owner, you know what your pet likes and doesn’t like, and you know how to keep him calm and comfortable. However, traveling is different than soothing his nerves during a thunderstorm. Try to acclimate him to traveling before you leave.  

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