Pet Care – The Necessity for Training Aggressive Dogs

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Dog aggression is a serious problem that many canine owners are not aware of. Some states have very strict laws that can impose punishments on erring dog owners. With this, it is paramount that when you decide to take a pet dog into your care, check out if it must undergo training for aggressive dogs.  But first determine if it has this issue.

No canine is exempted from suffering dog aggression. All breed of dogs can have this problem which generally stems from frustration or dominance. The frustration is caused by lack of exercise while dominance is due to lack of calmness and assertiveness in its leadership behavior. A small Chihuahua is not excused from having this behavior; different breeds may display different kinds of aggression.

What training aggressive dogs requires

Training aggressive dogs requires an owner’s basic understanding as to why his pet becomes aggressive. Take a dog who shows territorial aggression when its home or territory is compromised. It is threatened that some other animals will occupy and usurp its home. The root of such kind of problem is possibly due to lack of self-confidence and security. Don’t forget to check out an ESA letter to keep your furry friend with you despite difficulties.

A dog owner can trace the cause of aggression by devoting some time to observe its behavior. Know what causes it to bark or growl incessantly. Why does it bite other people and why is it angry seeing other dogs?

Characteristics of aggressive dogs

If you are not able to stop its bad behavior, it is possible that your only way out to solve the problem is to take it to an aggressive dog trainer. Some of the characteristics that can be observed are continuous barking, growling or lunging. Snapping and snarling are also signs of aggression. The worst that can be an aftermath when your pet becomes too angry is biting the person it comes in contact with.

Different types of dog aggression

There are different kinds and stages of aggression that must be addressed in training aggressive dogs program.

  • Fear aggression is defensive behavior displayed when it thinks it is in danger.
  • Possessive, protective and territorial aggressions are similar in that they pertain to defense of valuable resources. Possessive is when it defends its food, toys and other objects. Protective is when it feels threats for its family or pack. Territorial is defense of its space.
  • Social aggression occurs within its group. Training aggressive dogs is needed when one dog is unstable of its position in its social hierarchy. It is challenged in its ranking or social status among other dogs in its group.
  • Frustration aggression occurs when the dog is aroused or excited when restrained by a person such as being held back by its collar or crate.
  • Redirected aggression is a response to attacks on it.
  • Pain-elicited aggression is demonstrated when it feels pain and a dog with this condition must be muzzled because it has tendency to bite.

There are other kinds of aggressions that are named because of the triggering factor to make the canine demonstrate the behavior. Too much display of the aggressive behavior calls for training aggressive dogs. It is paramount that the problem is resolved soon before it develops into more serious condition. Once trained and free from aggression disorder, it will be the loving pet you have always wanted.

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