Pets and Babies: Benefits and Drawbacks

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Pets are an essential part of our lives. They improve our life by just being there and providing us with the utmost support and unconditional love. However, when it comes to having a baby and a pet, there are some important things to note. Some people lean more towards the drawbacks of owning a pet with a baby in the house. Meanwhile, others are able to grasp and appreciate the many benefits they bring us. This article aims to provide insight into both the benefits and drawbacks of owning a pet while raising a child. When you have all the information, you can make your final decision. So, keep reading to learn more.

Some of the benefits of owning a pet include having a healthier and stronger family life with more physical activity. Pets also alleviate stress and feelings of loneliness. They teach children responsibility. On the other hand, some drawbacks include the cost of owning a pet, shedding and possible allergies. Moreover, taking care of a pet can be time-consuming. 

Benefits of owning a pet with a baby in the house

Healthier and stronger family life

Having a pet in the house makes our life so much better. Pets are always cheerful, playful and very grateful to you. They make us laugh and improve our days. A wagging tail and a playful bark can instantly improve our mood after a long hard day. Caring for a pet brings family closer by taking walks together and playing in the park. With a pet around (especially a dog), you can be sure that there will always be something running around. 

More physical activity

As we already briefly mentioned, a pet encourages more physical activity. This is especially important in the early years. A dog or a cat can stimulate a baby to crawl or walk. Also, it can enhance their physical growth and satisfy their energy needs. This is an equally important aspect of raising a newborn as using baby bath products and organic cotton baby clothes

Pets alleviate stress and feelings of loneliness

Another big benefit of owning a pet is the fact that pets alleviate stress with their cuteness and cuddliness. Even if you’ve had a bad day, petting your dog or cat can instantly boost your mood. They often even do something hilarious we need to record and laugh over and over again! Also, they are ideal companions for small families as they make the child never feel lonely. 

They teach children responsibility

We need to take care of all the pets, just in a different manner. This is a great way for kids to learn responsibility. By feeding, walking and cleaning after their pet, kids learn about being responsible. 

Drawbacks of owning a pet with a baby in the house

The cost

Besides the benefits, as with all the other things, there are some drawbacks as well. The first obvious drawback is the cost. It depends on the pet in question, of course. There isn’t much – just the basic things which include the food, vaccinations, grooming supplies and similar things. You need to have this in mind before you decide to get a pet.

Shedding and allergies

Another drawback is the shedding. Regardless of how much you take care of your pet, bathe it and groom it, it still sheds hair. If your pet is in the house with you, you must be prepared for pet hair all over the place. That means that you’ll be required to clean them daily. Also, some people or kids are simply allergic to cats or dogs. 

Taking care of a pet can be time-consuming

Taking care of a pet can be a bit time-consuming. It depends on the pet itself and whether the pet will be your or your kid’s responsibility. When considering getting a pet, consider how much time you have for taking care of it. If you don’t have much free time on your hands, you can consider getting a less time-consuming pet, such as a parrot or fish. Cats are also not so time-consuming. However, dogs do require some time for walking and playing.

Before deciding whether a pet is a right choice for you, get yourself familiar with both the positive and negative sides of it. Take your own, personal situation in mind and only then make a final decision. Hopefully, the post helps you in that!