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Pets Can Provide These Important Mental Health Benefits

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Pets can improve our mental health and physical well-being, studies have shown, and all we have to do is give them a good life in return.

Having a pet at your side can help reduce stress and anxiety, keep you motivated to fit in physical activity every day, and even keep your heart healthy. Not only that, they’re great companions, especially for those who live alone or in rural areas. If you’ve had mental health struggles in the past and are looking for ways to focus on your well-being, adopting a pet is a great way to start. Already have a pet? Emotional Pet Support invites you to read on to learn more about how they can help boost your self-esteem and your overall mental wellness.

7 Ways Having a Pet Can Improve Your Mental health

Pets Can Reduce Stress

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Living with a sweet pet companion can help to reduce your stress levels; studies cited by Johns Hopkins Medicine have shown that simply petting an animal can lower your cortisol levels and increase oxytocin, leaving you feeling calm and reducing anxiety.

However, it’s crucial to recognize how your stress levels might be affecting your pet, especially where your job is concerned. Stressful work conditions can keep you away from home for long hours or affect your mood when you return, and animals are very sensitive to emotional fluctuations.

If you’ve noticed that your pet has had behavioral changes lately, it could be because they’re affected by your stress levels. Practicing self-care both at work and at home and spending more time relaxing and playing with your pet can make a big difference in both your lives.

Pets Can Boost Your Self-Confidence

Not only can pets reduce your stress levels, but they can also positively affect your self-confidence, especially if you’ve been feeling isolated or want to get out and meet new people. Simply going for a walk with your dog, for instance, can help you connect with other pet owners in your community. Not only that, the act of taking care of an animal that loves and needs you can make a big difference in your emotional well-being.

Pets Can Help You Get Active

Because your confidence and overall mental wellness are connected to your physical well-being, it’s important to fit activity into your schedule every day. As a pet owner, you can create a daily routine for both yourself and your animal that allows for walks, playtime in the park, and even swimming. Not only will the activity be physically beneficial for both of you, but it will also be extremely advantageous for your mental health to have a schedule that provides structure, especially if you’re living with anxiety or depression.

But before you head out to the park, beach, or pool with your furry friend, you’ll want to invest in high-quality pet products like a leash, collar, and harness as you get outside and exercise with your furry friend. Be sure to first research products on reputable sites that provide professional and unbiased reviews and ratings from veterinarians.

Pets Can Assist with Physical Health Issues

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Service animals are trained to help individuals who are living with certain conditions–such as diabetes, epilepsy, and vision loss–stay safe and healthy. These animals act as caregivers and provide comfort as well as important physical assistance for those who need daily medicine, or for those who need emotional support in public spaces. The cost of training a service animal varies depending on where you live, so do a little research to find out more about the process if you’re interested.

Even if your pet isn’t a trained service animal, they may help you calm down before bed and get better sleep if you allow them to sleep in bed with you. Studies have shown that people with anxiety feel more relaxed and safe when their dog is present at night. If you’re worried about fur or simply want to treat your pup to something special, get a pillow sham that goes onto their specific pillow. There are great personalized options that will go with your decor, and your pet will know exactly where they are welcome to be on your bed each night.

If you would like to train your pet as an emotional service animal, contact Emotional Pet Support to learn how to get started.

Enjoy the Benefits of Pet Ownership

Owning a pet is a great way to find companionship and unconditional love, but it’s crucial to understand the responsibilities that come with it. Practicing self-care to prevent your stress from affecting your pet is important, as is ensuring that you can handle the costs of care, from providing healthy nutrition to maintaining vet visits.

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