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How Much Protein Should Your Pet Have?

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Let’s assume that you are quite faithful in following and checking on what you eat, how you eat it, and at what times. If you are interested in finding out how much protein does a dog need, it would be vain to assume you have neglected yourself. Humans rely on a proper-balanced diet for proper growth. Dogs are omnivorous, just like humans. Even if they are picky at times, they also need to be adequately fed with an all-rounded meal.

Pups also have questions, if you’re keen enough to listen

Dog protein constitutes the main part of their food diet; they simply cannot survive without it. Just like your computer cannot function if being used daily without charging – unless it’s running on a nuclear-charged battery, which would be highly unlikely if you aren’t Jeff Bezos. But why all the fuss about being particular on the dog protein amount? Read on and find out.

Why Consider Dog Protein?

Dog is sick

A sign of sickness is lack of energy and playfulness

Isn’t it just lovely to see your cute hungry doggie gorging on a piece of meat as if it has never eaten before? Have you ever considered why they love protein so much? Dietary protein has at least 10 essential amino acids that dogs cannot produce on their own. These then manufacture the building blocks for a lot of useful biologically active compounds, including proteins. What’s more, carbon chains are donated in the process, which is necessary to obtain the glucose for their extra energy.

All the geeky-science stuff aside, without dog protein powder or its dietary equivalence, your young pup won’t grow. Don’t wait to see a prostrate dog understand the relevance of protein in their foods – it isn’t a pleasant sight.

How Much Is Enough?

Before we offer you a dog protein calculator to estimate the amounts of daily protein doses given, what are the other foods which your dogs’ meal is missing?

Essential fatty acids are not only important to humans but also dogs. You want your pup to grow up sharp with the ability to quickly learn and adapt to new surroundings. Omega 3 fats will do the trick. Deficiencies resulting in an ultra-low fat diet include dry and coarse hair, physiologic defects, and skin lesions, which are prone to infections.

Too much, on the other hand, also becomes venomous. For instance, too much protein in dog food causes diarrhea. Factors to consider when feeding your dog dietary proteins include the age, the type of breed since larger breeds require more, body condition, and activity level. Consider the chart below as an average.

Puppies[Weight=12lb and matures at 33lb]Adults[Weight=33lb]Nursing/Pregnant[Weight=33lb]Average of 6 puppies
Crude Protein58g26g70g/160g
Total Fats22g15g30g/70g

In case the labeling on the dog-feeds is listed in percentage format, simply multiply your dog’s daily portion of food times the crude percentages to get the exact weight.

Important Reminders

Before using dog protein supplements, it is important first to consult a vet. This is similar to human food supplements, which may have both positive and negative effects on humans. Keto diet, for instance, has been known to help people cut on fat by minimizing the carb content while increasing fats and moderating proteins. Even though it has worked for many, one is still advised to consult a medic before taking keto protein powder .

Dog’s game

A happy dog = a happier master

If you’re caught between plant and animal protein, a chicken meal will have all the necessary amino acids to build and repair damaged body parts. Plants may not have all the ingredients, and you will always notice your young pup choosing the latter over the former. What proteins do you use to feed your hairy friend? Have you got a photo you could share with us of those happy and gruesome moments? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Author’s Bio: Taylor Linford is a practicing vet for the last 18 years. He has dealt with all different diseases in pets, and it all seems to go back to malnutrition or lack of vital nutrients. Being a pet lover, he prides himself on a full house of five dogs and two really scary cats. Read his blog for more insights on how to show more love to your little friends.

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