Psychiatric Service Animal Guide:

This page explains three options that lead to a dog trainer signing off your Department of Travel (DOT) form. Most airlines require a completed DOT form prior to flying with your psychiatric service dog (PSD).

Note: Some international airlines will not accept our certification so please check if they only allow Assistance Dogs International (ADI) or International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF) for which we can not provide at this time. Domestic travel isn’t an issue at this time.

1) Dog Not Trained & No Dog Trainer

My dog isn't trained and I don't have a dog trainer.

If your dog is not trained, please schedule a time for one of our dog trainers to help with training online. The training is through a program that spans for about a month in which the trainer guides you through the dog training process. Afterwards, your dog will meet the basic requirements to be considered as a psychiatric service dog.


2) Trained Dog & No Dog Trainer

My dog's trained, I just need a dog trainer to review it and sign the forms.

You will need to upload an assessment service dog video. Review both videos below to see if your dog qualifies for this option. One of our service animal trainers will validate that your animal adequately fulfills the basic training skills. This will help ensure that your dog meets the requirements to be considered as a Psychiatric Service Dog (PSD). Afterwards, your assigned trainer will provide all required DOT contact information so you can complete the DOT form.


3) Trained Dog & A Dog Trainer

My dog is trained and my trainer can sign off on the DOT Form.

So, you already have an animal that is well trained? Great! You will only need to order our PSD letter if you plan to fly internationally. Domestic air travel doesn't require any letter but we do offer other items such as ID cards, vests, etc. The PSD letter can be ordered here online assessment.


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  • Note: We do not support the following airlines: Allegiant Airlines, Air Canada, British Airlines, and Lufthansa.

    Dog is already trained ~ Video Review - Sign off DOT form $40
    Dog requires training - Live video training sessions - Sign off DOT form $150

    Your dog is required to respond to basic commands such as come, stay, sit, and lay down in order to be approved from a dog trainer. Once approved, the trainer will provide his or her information to you so you can properly complete the dog trainer section of the DOT form.
  • Max. file size: 256 MB.

Check the videos below to see if your dog qualifies for the basic (options 2) dog training instructions.