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10 Reasons Why Fish Make Great Pets

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Have you ever wanted a pet that is like a rock but actually alive? Well, we have compiled a list of 10 reasons why a fish might just be the kind of pet you need!

1. No Emotions

Unlike many dogs and other furry and feathered pets, fish don’t develop separation anxiety or destructive behaviors when you leave them alone at home.

2 Don’t need Big Homes!

Just buy them a small bowl with water and have food at the ready and there you go!

3. They are very peaceful!

Fish are quiet — you never have to worry about barking or squawking fish upsetting the neighbors or waking a sleeping baby.

4. They come in many forms!

Fish come in an infinite variety of sizes, shapes and stunning, vibrant colors.

5. They don’t take up much space

Dogs and cats — even tiny ones — can make even a large apartment seem tiny, thanks to all the food, toys and beds we buy to keep them happy. Even birds and rabbits take up some space, thanks to their cages. Not fish, though — all you need to keep a fish happy is a bowl or tank, some food and ample amounts of water. Also, you don’t have to worry that your fish is going to go piddle in the corner when you’re away from home for a few hours.

6. They are cost-effective

Our four-legged friends require certain types of food and grooming supplies to keep their bodies and fur healthy. This doesn’t cost as much per month as human food and supplies, but it can take quite the bite out of your wallet. Fish don’t require all of that — just pick up a jar of special fishy flakes from the pet store and you’re good to go for several months. The cost? Usually less than $10. Fish also don’t require visits to the vet. Cats and dogs can accumulate hundreds, if not thousands, of vet bills over time.

7. No Grooming needed!

No grooming is needed with fish. You will not want to brush their teeth as well.

8. Less burdensome

Fish will not move into the inaccessible area. You can manage them alone without taking the assistance of any helper. On the other hand, you will have absolute peace of mind. You will sit and relax by observing the fish. They will be very active and you will be motivated to work. You can say ‘Goodbye’ to lethargy and procrastination. Thus, your productivity at home, as well as office, will increase. Unlike many dogs and other furry and feathered pets, fish don’t develop separation anxiety or destructive behaviors when you leave them alone at home.

9. They don’t need you to entertain them

Let’s be honest for a second: Fish don’t care if you’re there or not. They spend their days sleeping, eating and swimming without a second thought about who is on the other side of the glass. If this bothers you, then it’s probably better to get a cat or a dog. But if you want a super low-maintenance pet that’s beautiful and fascinating to watch — and one you can leave for hours on end — then a fish is for you.

10. They are very safe

Fishes are quite safe to engage as pets. They will not fight with you or your neighbors. If one or more of your family members are averse with domestic animals, you can go for fish.

By taking proper health care and taking regular maintenance activities, it is possible to make the most from fish. We hope these 10 reasons have made you more enticed to get yourself a pet fish of your very own! If you’re looking for even more reasons, you may want to read about the physical attributes and anatomy of a fish.


  1. clearly, the author has never owned fish. possibly, they just have not cared for them correctly. 1- 10 are all wrong.

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