Reasons To Own a Dog

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Sharing A Diet

Humans and their four-legged companions are different in several ways, but we have quite a few things in common. For instance, certain food items we have at the dinner table can share an equally healthy spot in a pup’s food bowl. You do not need to work up about making your pet clean either because research says some amount of dirt and bacteria from pets keeps them healthy and enhances our immune system.  Additionally, a handsome pup can help you look better as well. An ideal example of a considerable element of your diet to share with your pets is olive oil which has many health profits. Olive oil has the same fat-burning effects for other animals as it does for us humans. If you use it in your dog’s food, it will make the food moister and more delicious to your pet. Metabolized by humans, this oil can help your hair look more glossy for some cosmetic privileges. Similarly, your furry friend’s coat gets a touch-up and can appear to be smoother or glossier if you give some olive oil to their diet.

A Sticky Situation

Of course, olive oil alone does not do all the magic! Both honey and peanut butter being sticky and sweet items, are considered to be unhealthy for dogs and a benefactor for humans. However, in reality, your companion can benefit from vitamin B and vitamin E, both of which they can absorb from peanut butter. Besides these advantages, feeding your canine honey can introduce pollen to its immune system, thus helping it develop antibodies against allergies. It can also help in curing burns and cuts for both humans and dogs when used in combination with dog bathing.

Healthy Pets And Healthy Children

According to recent studies, owning a pup can help children or people with pet sensitivities to develop their immune systems because of exposure to pet dandruff and fur. It can also lead to enhanced tolerance to other sources of nasal allergies and help curb asthma symptoms. On the other hand, a dog produces natural oils so that the fur does not bother him, and washing a pet frequently can lead to irritation or more severe side effects. So a little grime can be advantageous for both parties.

Man’s Best Friend

Pets and humans share a tad more than what people think. For instance, many people are meticulous about feeding their dogs, but food items like olive oil or peanut butter can be better than store-purchased dog food.  It can even lead them to produce fur-benefiting oils, and if you don’t clean that frequently, the oil can soar both your immune system and theirs. Finally, studies show that togetherness makes pets and humans act more outgoing, leading to an increase in hype for both of you.

Having your dog by your side will aid both of you in the following ways:

  • More Exercise: Owning a dog can inspire you to exercise daily. On those days when you may feel lazy enough to skip a workout, looking at your dog standing by the door awaiting you to take him out on a stroll is going to push you to get out there. Taking your dog for a 30-minute stroll daily can considerably boost your health.
  • Less Anxiety: There have been many studies that have shown how dogs lessen your anxiety level. Petting your dog, goofing around with your dog, and simply following your dog can work as a stress buster each day. In addition, research tells that by becoming a dog parent, your stress hormones will reduce, and the effects usually surpass the stress caused by caring for a dog.
  • Improvement in Social Life: Not only does walking your dog help you to work out, but it might also help you acquire a date. In addition, people are more likely to stop and communicate with you when you are walking a dog. Visiting the dog park or accompanying your dogs to run errands can also lead to strangers ending up in sweet conversations with you about your dog.
  • Healthy Heart: Studies suggest that petting a dog drops a person’s heart rate. Therefore, dog parents are more likely to have strong hearts. In addition, some research has proved that dog owners are much more likely to survive a heart attack than non-dog owners. Male pet owners usually tend to experience a reduced rate of heart disease.
  • Zero Depression: The perks of having a dog extend to your mental health as well. Dog owners are not generally depressed. Dog parents diagnosed with clinical depression are not considered to be as depressed as other people. Caring for a dog helps in easing the symptoms of depression and inspires people to be more optimistic.
  • Growing Old with Grace: Dog ownership serves elderly adults in many ways. Alzheimer’s patients have fewer outbursts when they have a dog of their own. Caregivers of aged patients report less stress. Dogs offer the ideal company for the elderly as well.

Dog parents experience very few health problems. They usually have lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels in relation to non-dog owners. It is because dogs expose their owners to many germs, which can help build up a human’s immunity to disease. Due to it, dog owners get sick less often and less severely than non-dog owners.
Feel Safer: Dogs can be a robust home security system. Studies show that barking dogs prevent burglary. Just knowing that you have got a friend who can use his keen sense of hearing to detect anyone lurking around can help boost your sense of security, which is ideal for both your mental and physical health.

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