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What’s a Service Dog Vest?

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You may have a service dog. It may be fully trained and is helping you out every day! But, do you really need to make it wear a service dog vest? Is having a service dog vest really that important? Well, for Emotional Support Animals or even therapy dogs, vests and patches and even tags don’t matter. But for service dogs, although the law doesn’t demand service dogs to wear them, getting them one is a safer route to take for the public eye to avoid any hassles.

Service Dog Vest

How do I get a Service Dog Vest for my service dog?

There are many different ways you can get your service dog a service dog vest. If you already have a trained and professional service dog, then you can buy a service dog vest for it! Amazon and many other online venues offer them at very competitive prices! You need to make sure that you select the correct size and other specifications so that it fits comfortably on your service dog. It would also be good if you talk to those venues and do some studying before buying so that you can make sure that the vest you’re getting is for the right purpose and not for ESAs or therapy dogs. Be sure to do background checks as well so that the vests you are getting are not made from cheap or poor quality. It is always a good idea to view customer reviews and ratings to make sure that the venue you’re getting your vest from is reputable and trusted.

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Law About Service Dogs

It is against the law to try and pass off an ESA or therapy dog or even an ordinary and untrained dog as an official service dog. Faking something like service dogs may result in serious penalties because service dogs are seen by the law as being entitled to having many more special privileges because of what they are for. As we mentioned earlier, service dogs don’t have to wear service dog vests or have IDs, but it is difficult to go about your day with people questioning your little helper’s authenticity. There are ways to tell if a service dog is real or not, so it would be suggested that you don’t try to try and a fake one.

Service Dog Vest Emotional Pet Support

So, do I need a Service Dog Vest or Not?

At the end of the day, you really don’t need to get your service dog a vest. It isn’t required by law anyway. But, it is much easier to show your real service dog with a vest on than it is to go about your day with people questioning your service dog’s presence.


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      ESA vests are not necessary and not recommended as others may mistake it as you trying to pass off your ESA as a service animal.

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