Simple Tips For Keeping Your Canine Healthy Amid The Pandemic

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Opinion Piece: The pandemic brings a tough time for everyone, including pets. As social distancing and limited outings become a norm, pets are also cooped indoors along with the owners. The lifestyle transition is hard on them because they cannot really understand the reason for the sudden switch to an in-house daily routine. Moreover, your stress may make you less attentive towards the pet’s needs, so they are at risk of falling sick or becoming lethargic. Right now, dog owners need to go the extra mile for ensuring proper care for their canines to keep them healthy and happy amid the pandemic. Here are some useful pieces of advice that can help pet parents. 

Establish a routine 

Dogs are comfortable with a routine and they thrive on consistency. The stay-at-home norms are most likely to have disrupted your routine, but make sure that you establish one for your pets. Create a new daily schedule, considering your work from home routine and timings. Even though you may be stressed out and struggling to cope up, remember that your pet deserves your time and attention. Outdoor activity is vital, so take it out for a jog or playtime while adhering to the social distancing guidelines. 

Create indoor entertainment avenues 

Even if you may be taking the pet outdoors for regular walks, they may not be getting enough time to vent out their energy. Creating some indoor entertainment is a great idea to keep your pet healthy and happy, even in isolation. It would need some thinking, but it is worthwhile. Remember to keep your pet with you indoors, you may need to have an emotional support animal letter. Consider investing in some indoor props or setting up obstacles in the backyard if you have space. Buy them some new toys that keep them happily engaged. Play some online animal videos for the pet to enjoy as you sit to work.

Stock up on nutritious treats

Even though there isn’t any evidence of the outbreak of the virus among animals, you need to be extra attentive towards the animal’s health. Stock up on the regular pet food and discuss the additional needs of your dog with your vet. Picking salmon dog treats is a good idea as these goodies are high in omega 3 fatty acids. The nutrient keeps your pet high on energy levels and promotes skin and fur health. Also, make sure that you have some of the dog’s favorites at hand to keep it happy on low days. 

Keep an eye on your pet’s behavior

While you cannot overlook the physical needs of your canine in the pandemic season, its mental health requires equal attention. A lifestyle change can be hard on animals and may even take a toll on their health. It is vital to monitor your pet’s behavior at all times. If you notice odd or aggressive behavior, consult your vet right away. It could be a sign of a physical issue or even depression or anxiety. Timely treatment and good care can go a long way to getting your furry friend on the road to recovery.The crisis is unprecedented, and you need to take the health of your canine seriously, at least till life comes back to normal. Your love and attention will keep the pet healthy and comfortable even through this tough time.

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