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Sleeping Woof – A Dog Owner’s Guide to Camping

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Camping in the USA is on the rise, as Americans look to reconnect with nature and get back to basics. Over six million more households have taken to the great outdoors for a vacation in the past four years and many believe that the increased popularity of camping reflects decades of economic uncertainty – camping makes for a much more affordable trip after all!  For pet owners, holiday costs come with a double whammy of kennel fees on top of the cost of accommodation and travel.  And for the forty-four percent of American households that now own a dog, the solution is simple! If you’re unwilling or unable to leave your beloved pooch at home when you go on vacation why not take them with you? Here’s a complete guide to camping with your dog.

My Must Haves For Camping With A Dog

Know Your Breed

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Most breeds of dog will thrive in the great outdoors, especially those that are outdoor dogs at heart, gun dogs and any breed with a wealth of excess energy to burn such as Burmese, Labradors or Pointers will find the fresh air and outdoor activity advantageous.  Smaller breeds or any canine companions that don’t crave a great deal of exercise may flag on an active holiday.  It also pays to consider your pooch’s personality.  If he/she doesn’t mix well with families and other pets or becomes stressed in unfamiliar surroundings, then perhaps it’s best to avoid taking them on vacation.  The weeks leading up to your camping trip are also a good time to brush up on training – nobody wants to own the dog who stole the sausages from next door’s tent or unleash an unwieldy beast on an unsuspecting campsite.

Choose Pet-Friendly Sites

Always research if pets are welcome at the campsite ahead of booking.  America has some of the most awesome and inspiring scenery to explore, especially in its national parks, and luckily many of these are pet-friendly. Outdoor adventuring is so much fun with man’s best friend, who’ll sniff out the best hikes and relish outdoor pursuits. Most dogs love the beach too and a swim in the sea is invigorating for them – especially in the summer months – so look up the best dog-friendly beaches while you are about it.

Canine Camping Kit

It’s a prerequisite of many campsites for dogs to sleep indoors If you’d rather not share your confined space with your dog, then invest in their very own tent. Plus, from sleeping bags to travel bowls, there’s an entire range of camping gear for holidaying hounds. A water cooler is a must-have. So is a long leash and a tether, as many campsites won’t allow dogs to roam free. If you’re worried about losing your buddy in the night, then why not try this awesome light up dog collar.  Pack your pooch’s favorite fetch toys (a ball slingshot will provide hours of fun) or a dog-friendly frisbee will add a new dimension to outdoor play. Also, if you want to stay ahead of all the latest outdoor accessories for you and your pooch, there are some great subscription services that can uncover a world of treats for dogs and owners alike.

Camping with your dog can make for an amazing holiday and can help save money too.  Just make sure you have the right kit, campsite and that your furry friend has the right temperament for a trip away.

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