Support Your Dog in 5 Steps When Taking It to Vet

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Traveling with your dog is a nice activity many dog owners are looking forward to. Of course, it can be challenging but in the case of easy-going dogs, you do not have to convince them to go on an adventure. But when talking about vet visits, things get a little more complicated. There are a few dogs that like going to the vet and are not anxious about it. Unfortunately, most dogs associate the vet visit with strange smells, a lot of other animals, and strangers. 

So, even the most extrovert and playful dog can fear going to the vet and this becomes stressful not only for them but for dog owners also. So, according to the best assignment writing service in the UK on pets, there are five steps you can use to help your dog get accustomed to vet visits and keep his anxiety in control. 

  1. Help Your Dog Get Used to the Vet 

Most dogs make a negative association between them and going to the vet because they only do this when they need to take their vaccines or for a routine medical check. Some vaccines are painful, so they might associate the visit with pain. Or, maybe they do not like the slippery tables and that strangers attempt to touch them. 

No matter how easy-going your dog might be, it is important to help him get accustomed to the vet. This includes a lot of preparation beforehand. You can just go with your dog at the vet for a friendly visit so that your dog will begin to trust him. You can also ask the vet to give your dog some treats, and this will easily make them friends. The vet will therefore have an easier time administering the vaccine and doing the medical check. 

This will also help him get used to the place and the smells there. New smells and places can trigger their anxiety, so if they get used to them in a friendly setting, their experience will be positive. 

  • Get Your Dog Used to Stand on a Table 

Vet visits require the dogs to stay on a table so that the examination is made easier. But many dogs have a hard time doing this, as they are not used to it. And a new activity of this kind can make them nervous, anxious, and agitated. So, to support your dog when taking him to the vet, you need to practice this at home. 

The same is valid for standing on a scale and being picked up. Practice it every day and reward your dog so that it will make a positive impression on these activities. For example, let your dog know when you are picking him up by saying a new command or word. “Pick up” or any other word is good. Then, pick him up and always give him a treat. To help your dog learn that this is not a harming and negative activity, practice a few times every day. But be careful to not practice it too much, as dogs can easily get bored. 

  • Analyze Your Dog’s Reactions 

When the actual visit to the vet happens, as a dog owner you need to pay great attention to your dog’s behavior. Even though you have made friendly visits before and he is accustomed to the place, there can be new animals he might find aggressive. There might be new smells and people, things that can make your dog more nervous, say Assignment Masters on dog behavior. 

So, when you reach the vet, you need to scan the environment and identify any things that might make your dog nervous. Besides this, you need to analyze your dog’s reactions and notice how he is feeling. If you notice that your dog is nervous and stressed, you can consider waiting outdoors or choose a quiet place. Help him feel comfortable and secure. 

  • Use Treats 

Every dog has his favorite treats. And if they work at home and help you train him to do new tricks, they can catch his attention during a vet visit. According to the article in essay writing service in the UK on dog psychology says that just the mere sight of a treat can help your dog relax during a vet visit. 

The thing is, your dog already associates the treats with something positive. He knows they are good. So, having a bag of treats with you during the vet visit can make it smoother and your dog more relaxed. One thing to keep in mind is that you should avoid giving your dog too much food. So, if you expect the vet visit to be difficult and challenging, you should avoid feeding your dog before. That bag of his favorite treats will fill in his belly. 

  • Touch and Play with Your Dog 

The vet visit involves a lot of touching and checking the teeth of your dog. So, if he is not accustomed to this kind of activity, he might easily become aggressive. And making the vet visit an enjoyable and pleasant experience will be difficult from now on. It is important to support your dog when going to the vet visit by touching and playing with him before. 

If you do this daily, he will easily get used to it. And the best part of it is that it will be easier for you to notice if he has any swamps or skin issues that require a vet visit. To help your dog get accustomed to touching, you can make it part of a fun activity while playing. The same goes for checking his teeth or looking into his ears. If you do this regularly at home, he will get more used to it and the vet visit will go smoother. 

Another moment you can help your dog get used to touching is while he is in a cuddling mood. All dogs like being pet, so when he is the most relaxed, you can stroke his head, ears, and legs gently. For sure it will be relaxing and he will like it. However, if your dog does not seem to be comfortable with this, do it every day for as long as he feels like it. 


Dogs are extraordinary life companions that can easily boost your mood and make you more positive. But when it comes to vet visits, even the easiest going and playful dogs can become anxious and nervous. Dog owners can support their dog during vet visits by helping them get used to this beforehand. 

Make friendly visits to your vet, let your dog get accustomed to the place, and play and touch him regularly. When it comes to the big day, always have a bag of his favorite treats with you, and analyze his reactions. Help him see the vet as his friend and the vet visit as a positive and nice experience. 

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