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Surprising Things That Can Benefit Both You And Your Pet

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Humans and pets are different in a number of ways, but the number of things we also share catches more people off guard than you’d expect. Certain foods we share at the dinner table can share an equally healthy spot in a dog’s food bowl. Don’t fret about making your pet too clean either, because studies suggest that some level of dirt and bacteria from pets keeps them healthy, and boosts our immune system.  And a good-looking emotional support dog can help you look better too.

Sharing A Diet

An excellent example of a good element of your diet to share with your pets is olive oil which has many health benefits. Olive oil can have the same fat-burning effects for other animals it does for humans. Adding it to dog food can make it moist, and more appetizing to your pet. And olive oil can be metabolized by humans, moving outward to make our hair shinier for some cosmetic benefits. A dog’s coat gets a similar touch-up and can look smoother or glossier if you add some olive oil to their diet.

A Sticky Situation

It’s not just olive oil, of course. Honey and peanut butter are both sticky and sweet substances, so many people believe they’re unhealthy for dogs but good for humans. Dogs can benefit from vitamin B and vitamin E, both of which they can consume from peanut butter. And aside from the health benefits, giving a dog small amounts of honey can introduce pollen to its immune system, helping it learn to fight allergies. It can also treat burns and cuts for both humans and pets alike.

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Healthy Pets And Healthy Children

Studies suggest that owning a pet can help children or people with pet allergies develop their immune systems due to exposure to pet dandruff and fur. This can also lead to an increased tolerance to other sources of nasal allergies, and help prevent symptoms of asthma. A dog, on the other hand, produces natural oils to keep its fur from bothering it, and washing a pet too often can cause irritation or worse side effects. So a little grime can actually benefit both parties.

Man’s Best Friend

Pets and humans share quite a bit more than people think. Many people are cautious about what they feed their pets, but foods like olive oil or peanut butter can be healthier than store-bought pet food! It can even cause them to produce fur-benefiting oils, and if you don’t wash that out too regularly, that oil can boost both your immune system and theirs. Finally, studies show being together makes pets and humans both act more outgoing, which can make you both more popular.

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