Taking Pictures of Your Emotional Support Buddy – 3 Simple Tips

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Guest post: Individuals with mental and emotional disabilities need their Emotional Support Animal (ESA) to accompany them for confidence and support. You would want to bring your best buddy when visiting public spaces like parks, alfresco cafeterias, sidewalks, and even, traveling aboard airlines. Some private establishments like retail stores, restaurants, and grocery stores may not accept ESAs without requesting to see a valid letter from a medical practitioner. And, perhaps, an identification card with the dog’s picture. So, how would you capture the perfect frame that reflects how special your friend is? Here’s how.

Choose a Time When Your Buddy is Fed and Happy

Pick a time of the day when your four-legged friend is fed and relaxed, preferably right after a nap. Catch them in a playful mood when they have a happy expression. And, that’s the one you’ll capture. Practice sitting still ahead of your photo session, and reward them with treats so they understand what you’re expecting of them. Remember not to feel stressed about getting the perfect picture, because that’s the emotion they’ll pick up. 

Prepare the Set and Background Carefully

Clear the field by cleaning up. Get rid of the trash and clutter you have lying around. Be mindful of any objects that can take away from the aesthetics of your images. You’ll save a lot of time on editing and enhancing the pictures later. Though, if you intend to use the images to order hand-illustrated dog portraits, the artist taking your order will be happy to add and remove elements to customize the painting for you.

Your Setting Should be Well Lighted

As professional photographers will advise you, an adequate amount of high-grade lighting is critical for the ideal balancing of contrasts. Choose a well-lighted room in your home or take it outside to a park or playground. Explore the world through your pet’s eyes by getting down to their level. Squat or lay down so that the camera lens is parallel to the dog’s eye level. And, wait patiently for the moment you want to preserve. Expect to take and discard a ton of pictures until you can find the ones that are worth keeping. Getting your buddy to pose may not be as easy as you expect. 

Keep these tips in mind when taking pictures of your emotional support buddy. You’re sure to get fantastic images that reflect how special your little friend truly is.

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