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The Do’s and Don’ts to Keeping your Dog Pool Clean

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Owning a dog pool is amazing! However, if you want a long-lasting, durable pool for your dog, there are certain conscious actions and efforts that must be taken.

The whole process of maintaining the sanitation of your dog pool could be complicated at times, and you might end up getting frustrated without a template to follow. This article aims to guide you through the actions you should avoid and those you should embrace as you try to keep your dog pool clean. Ready?  


Clean the Pool Daily

How easy is it to ignore the water after your dog’s swimming adventure each day? Super easy. Yet, it is super important. Maintaining your dog’s pool is something that has to be done consistently- every day. Bacteria, algae and other microorganisms have an affinity for dirty or damp places; so, leaving your dog’s pool water is the correct recipe for exponential microbial growth in your dog’s favorite spot: the pool. 

This is what you should do: each day immediately after you dog has had a fun time in the pool, take a few minutes to pour out the dirty pool water, rinse the pool, then apply some disinfectant and a little scrub. However, remember: Consistency is key. If you are thinking of getting some automation into the business of pool cleaning, Pura 4x by Aquabot is a great choice.


Don’t Add Excess Chlorine to the Pool

When added to water, chlorine dissolves to form two acids: hypochlorous and hypochlorite acid. What these acids do is to oxidize microorganisms; causing their cell walls to lyse making their internal structures destroyed. Although chlorine is a very potent disinfectant and is efficient in keeping a pool free from the green color associated with microbial growth.

Similar to any chemicals that could be dangerous, the potential for chlorine to harm your pet is dose-dependent. What this means is that pools with the very dilute amount of chlorine have a very low potential of harming your dog; however, adding excessive amounts of chlorine tablets to your dog’s pool water could cause a myriad of diseases and potential harm.

For instance, drinking chlorinated water could result in GI irritation in your pet. Pets who love gulping water as they swim should be discouraged from such act. Chlorinated water could also cause red eyes and itchy skin. So, it is extremely important to add limited doses of chlorine to your dog’s water. if not, you end up causing more harm than good.

Don’t Place Toys in the Pool without Cleaning Them

It would be a gross error on your path if you fail to clean your pet’s pool toy alongside your pool. Pool toys are used in the dirty pool water and they hold a myriad of microorganisms. Placing them back into a clean pool would just result in a wasted effort. So, as you clean your pool, clean the toys.

Wrapping Up

An amazing dog is as much a part of the family as any other person. Keeping your dog happy and healthy by maintaining a clean dog pool is an ultimate sign of commitment and love!


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