The Health and Mood Benefits of Pets

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If you have a pet, you are probably aware of the benefits of having a dog or a cat. These small creatures are extremely charming and each of them is special. Some people might think that owning a pet is a huge responsibility, and they will be right to assume that. But with responsibility, they also bring joy and happiness.

People who own pets are less likely to suffer from depression due to recent research. Whether you live in a house or an apartment, it’s satisfying and calming to have a pet around. It’s good for the overall mental health, and in some cases, it helps people to be more responsible since they have to take care of a small creature. If you are deciding whether to adopt a little friend, check out the benefits of owning a pet in this article.

Impact of Pets on Human’s Health

When having a pet in a house or an apartment, people experience more joy. Having a little buddy around helps to reduce everyday stress and to improve the overall mood. Moreover, most studies have shown that it’s beneficial for kids to grow up in families with pets. It’s not necessary to have a dog or a cat, in some cases a fish or a hamster can improve the overall mood and health conditions.

Here are some facts that have been proved by scientists:

  • People owning pets have lower blood pressure when they are in stressful situations. Some people have normal blood pressure and they are good at overcoming stress. But in some cases, people face trouble and their level of blood pressure rises significantly. But those people who own pets, even if they had blood pressure problems before, they suffer less from stress.
  • Scientists have proven that individuals who have pets rarely suffer from depression. Pets make it easier to overcome difficult situations and to fight everyday stress.
  • Couples who own pets have lower levels of cholesterol than those couples who don’t own animals.
  • People who have suffered from heart attacks live longer if they have pets.
  • Individuals who are older than 65 years make 30% lower patient visits to their doctors than those who don’t have pets.
  • Playing with dogs or cats increases the level of serotonin and dopamine (hormones that makes us feel happier and more relaxed).

Scientists keep researching how pets affect the overall well-being of people who own pets. For example, a cat’s purring helps cats increase the level of endorphins. It can also help humans recover from illnesses and heal faster. 

When raising kids, it’s always good to have a pet. Even if it’s not a dog or a cat, it could be a fish or a hamster, even a bunny. First, it makes kids happier so it positively affects their mental health. Second, it helps children to be more responsible. They learn how to take care of another life, which makes it easier for them to take responsibility in the future. 

Benefits of Owning Pets

Those of us who own pets don’t need any facts or proof, we already know how fun and joyful it is to own a pet. But some people are still deciding or are unaware of the benefits of owning a pet. Yes, it is a huge responsibility since you have to take care of your little friend, spend time and play with your pet, regularly visit a vet, etc. But at the same time, there are much more benefits to owning a pet, and here are some of them:

  • Makes you more responsible.
  • Improves your overall mood.
  • Reduces blood pressure (even if you have problems with high levels of blood pressure).
  • Makes you happier.
  • It’s less likely for you to suffer from depression if you own a little friend.
  • Pets ease the feelings of loneliness and anxiety.
  • Pets are great companions for older people.
  • Having animals around makes kids happier and teaches them how to be more responsible.

Moreover, if you own a dog, you can even improve your physical shape since you have to walk your dog every day. Pets encourage playfulness since you have to spend time with them. Pet owners are happier, they laugh more than people without pets. Overall, having a pet around is improving the overall mood and well-being of individuals.

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