The Importance Of Picking The Right Litter Box For Your Cat

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Picking the right litter box for your cat can be tricky. As beloved as they are, these felines can be very fickle and if they don’t approve of the litter box you’ve picked out they’re not likely to use it. This article will help you find the perfect box for your cat.

How to Pick the Right Litter Box for Your Cat

Let’s start with the size of your cat. For a smaller cat, a smaller litter box will be more comfortable. Meanwhile, a large cat litter box will give a taller cat more room. Your next step is to decide where to put the litter box. For instance, it might be a smart idea to choose a corner in your house. But if you have to put your litter box in an open space, then choose a hooded litter box to give your cat more privacy.

The Types of Litter Boxes Available on the Market

There’s a variety of litter boxes on the market. First, there’s the open litter box, which is a plastic or metal box without a lid. This is the most common and cheapest option available. Cleaning and maintaining these boxes is easy, but they can be unsightly and may not be odor-proof.

The second kind is a covered litter box, which helps keep odors in and gives your cat some privacy. This has a mid-range price point and offers many features your cat will like. You will need to decide what kind of entry you want for covered litter boxes. Such entries can come in the following forms:

  • Top-entry: This keeps your floors pebble-free. It doesn’t matter how much or where your cat digs; the mess stays inside. The lid catches errant kernels
  • Front-entry: These are ideal for kittens, older cats, and cats who like to enter and exit the same way every time. These cat houses have wide doorways, so cats of all sizes can get in and out quickly and easily. Walk-off platforms keep the liners in place and reduce trash tracking.
  • A 3-position lid: This is designed for simple scooping. Any stray trash falls back inside for easy cleaning when you open the lid.

The third type is self-cleaning litter boxes. These use sensors to rake away waste and replenish litter. Sensors rake trash into a sealed compartment. These boxes are more expensive than both open boxes and cat houses.

Regardless of what box you choose, make sure to clean it regularly to keep bacteria at bay. The most suitable litter box for your cat will depend on their preferences.

Choosing the Right Box and Training Your Cat

Every cat has a unique personality, so what works for one might not work for another. If you’re unsure what your cat would like, consult your vet. They can guide you based on their understanding of your cat’s needs.

Once you know what type of litter box your cat is most likely to use, you can start narrowing down your options. Think about things like cost, features, and benefits. After you’ve purchased a new litter box, you’ll need to teach your cat how to use it. Some cats will take to the new box right away; others may need a little more help.

The following tips will help get your cat used to the new litter box:

  • Place the box somewhere quiet and out of the way. Your cat will feel uncomfortable if you put the litter box in a high-traffic area.
  • Keep it fresh and clean. Most cats prefer unscented clumping litter. But if you’re not sure what your cat likes, try a few different types and find one they like.
  • When your cat uses the new box, reward them with treats or praise. As they use the new box more, they’ll find it rewarding.

Patience and training will go a long way toward getting your cat adjusted to its new box.


If you’re looking for a new litter box for your cat, or if your cat doesn’t like its current one, it’s easy to find the right one. If you want to narrow down your options, talk to your vet about the most suitable type of litter box for your cat. As long as you put in the work it won’t take your cat long to get used to its new box.

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