The Top 5 Ways To Make Friends With Your Partner’s Dog

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Dogs are absolutely amazing! They are friendly, funny and bring joy. But that’s when you own a dog and you have time to bond with your favorite puppy. What about bonding with your partner’s dog?

You may check out what mistakes new dog owners make so to avoid unpleasant things. But there are other ways to make sure you are on the good side of your partner’s dog. Here are a few important things to note when trying to bond with your loved one’s dog. 

Be A Friend

If you are no longer occupied with finding a partner, that’s great. But if your partner has a dog, you should be as friendly as possible. Most likely, your girlfriend or boyfriend wants you and the dog to become friends. But before playing with the dog, or giving him some treats, check it with your partner.

Ask what treats you can buy since most pets have some products they can’t eat. Make sure to ask your partner about the treats. Whenever you see the dog, try talking in a calm and friendly voice. Pets understand when someone admires them and makes compliments. If a pet starts wagging his tail it’s a good sign, so keep it up and talk more.

Being friendly and talking to a dog in a soothing voice could help with making the first contact. But there are other important pieces of advice to follow to make sure the dog likes you.

Don’t Assume Every Dog Likes You

You’ve probably heard it from your friend or a co-worker that phrase “All dogs like me”. Actually, you could be that person who says all dogs like you. Of course, if a person is positive and never harmed a dog, most pets would like such an individual. But never forget that all dogs have individual peculiarities.

For example, some dogs have had bad encounters with humans. If you remind this dog of that person, the dog could be afraid of you. Most people who think they are every dog’s favorite would assume that the problem is in the dog. And that’s again an incorrect assumption.

If a dog had bad encounters in the past, you should be more patient. Don’t give up on that dog thinking that he is abnormal. If he is scared of you or being aggressive, just check out the rules of how to earn the trust of a pet who has been abused in the past. 

Learn Canine Body Language

It’s one of the most important things you want to do to understand your partner’s dog. Knowing the basics of dog body language could help you understand how the pet is feeling. And if you understand the dog’s mood, you can easily earn his trust. 

Specialists claim that if a person knows the body language of dogs, this person can actually talk to the dog. Dogs try extremely hard to understand what we want from them, and they learn from us. The best way to make the dog trust you is to respect the pet enough to learn his body signs.

If the dog shows he is ready for some fun, then play with the puppy. If all the signs show that the dog is currently not in the mood and don’t want people around him, the best idea is to respect this desire and leave the pup alone. 

Watch Your Body Signs

As it was mentioned, dogs try extremely hard to understand us. They learn what our body language is saying. Looming over a dog would show him that you may pose a danger. Instead, let the dog approach you. 

Don’t watch the dog directly in the eye – it’s a sign of aggression. Instead, watch the pet approaching you from the corner of your eye. Be overall friendly, don’t yell, and avoid abrupt gestures to not scare the dog away.

If the puppy backs off when you are trying to pet him, best not to insist and back off as well. Let the dog learn your body language, try to show that you pose no threat to the pet. Let the dog decide when to approach and befriend you. 

Petting Rules

Some of us can’t resist petting a dog. It’s understandable, dogs are cute and we want to show that we like them. But even though people think dogs like petting and hugging people, it’s not exactly true.

Sometimes pets feel stressed or scared of a new person trying to pet them. But there is an easy way to figure out whether dogs like our touch. Try petting the dog for three seconds. Don’t start from the head, it could scare the dog away. Try petting the dog’s shoulder, then stop. If the dog asks for more, then you can proceed. If the dog is backing off – it’s a clear sign for you to stop.

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