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The Top Tips When Moving with Pets

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There are many benefits of downsizing. From financial freedom to stress relief, moving to a smaller dwelling can help you take your life back in significant ways. However, the relocation process can be overwhelming for you, your family, and your pets. Your animal companions won’t understand what’s going on when boxes stack up in the den and strangers begin roaming the halls. It’s important to address the concerns of all your family members during a move, especially those who can’t communicate with words.

Preparing Your Home for Sale

The next family to occupy your home may have pets too, but that doesn’t mean you should showcase your love for your cats during the selling process. Prospective home buyers want to visualize a clean slate when viewing your home, and overt signs of pet life can decrease the value of your property.

Moving with a dog

Completing the following tasks helps you prepare your home and yard for sale:

  • Repair pet damage
  • Deodorize the home
  • Remove pet hair
  • Deep-clean or replace carpets
  • Repair scratched floors
  • Remove pet waste from the yard

Additionally, when showing your home to agents and buyers, secure your pets as a courtesy. If you have excitable dogs who get noisy or jumpy at the sound of the doorbell, consider sending them to doggy daycare during your open house. If they must be at home, consider using a dog crate to keep them safe and comfortable while strangers are in your house.

Finding a New Pet-friendly Home

When downsizing, it’s difficult enough to find a space that meets your needs, but you must consider the needs of your furry, feathery or scaly friends as well. While you’re busy researching cottages, condos, and tiny homes, take some time to factor your pets’ needs into your decisions. Does your dog need a fenced-in yard? Is your indoor/outdoor cat welcome in a neighborhood with a homeowner’s association? Whether you buy a new property or take on a rehab project, finding a lender that offers affordable loan options with low mortgage interest rates is easy compared to finding the perfect place for your pets to grow old. When you’re ready to start exploring loan options, look up the Penny Mac address and get in touch with a representative.

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Being Aware of Your Pet’s Odd Behavior

According to veterinarians, major changes can have an extreme effect on your dog’s mental health. Even though you love your pet and you do everything you can to make the transition as easy as possible, you should still be observant of any unusual behaviors. Stress in animals can manifest in different ways, from excessive scratching to obsessive tail chasing. If your pets are acting abnormally, take steps to make them feel safe during this tough time.

Letting Them Come to You

It’s normal for pets to experience difficult emotions during a move. You gave them the anxiety medication that the vet prescribed. You set up their food, water, and pet beds before they arrived, and you sheltered them from the hustle and bustle of the move. If your pets are showing signs of depression, you may want to smother them with love until they feel better, but they need space to process their feelings. They’ll come to you when they’re ready to play.

Your pets rely on you to make the best decisions for their well-being. That includes making them feel like an important part of the family during major life changes like a big move to a smaller home. With a little organization, patience, and attention, your whole family can enjoy a smooth transition.

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