The Ultimate Guide To Traveling With Pets

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Guest post: Are you planning a trip with your pet? You must have plenty of details to worry about, let alone your pet or emotional support animal. But leaving your furry friend behind is not an option, right? We understand how overwhelming it can get, especially if it’s the first time. So, read on to find out some helpful tips for traveling with pets

Tips to Keep Yourself and Your Pet Calm and Comfortable 

Traveling with pets may sound overwhelming, but when you know the right tips and tricks, it makes your journey a whole lot easier. Besides, if you’re fond of animals, EssayZoo has a range of animal rights essays on the website. The more information you would gather, the better you’d be able to navigate all phases of your journeys with your pet. Here are some best ways to travel with pets:

Get Your Pet Ready 

Has your pet never been on a long trip before? If so, take them to short drives first and then increase the duration gradually. Get them used to long drives to make them comfortable. Also, be ascertain to put them in the crate whenever you go out. It will help them get ready for the trip faster. Walking to the train station or terminal is also a great idea. Doing so will help them get familiar with the sounds and smells. But, don’t forget to reward them for their good behavior. 

Check Country Restrictions

Are you planning an international trip with your pet? If so, make sure you have the right paperwork. Many countries require the traveling pets to have a health certificate issued by an accredited veterinarian. This certificate is proof that your pet is in good health and up-to-date on all vaccinations. Besides, you may also contact the airline to check if any other paperwork is required to travel along with your pet. Make sure you do your homework several days ahead. This will give you buffer time, just in case you’re required to do some additional paperwork. 

Different countries and airlines often have different requirements. So, ensure you know what the specific ones are before you start your journey. 

Ensure Your Pet is Comfortable 

Are you tempted to give your furry friend plenty of room on car trips? Remember giving them their own space is a better option. When pets are crate-trained, it’s like their area of security. Besides, it’s safer. Your pet being in a safe carrier is way better than being in the backseat, sliding around. So, make sure they are in their safe and secure place. It will make them feel more secure and comfy. 

Do Not Stuff the Crate with toys

Having your furry friends to play with a lot of toys at home is great. But, long road trips are something different. Filling up their crate with toys would take up a lot of their space. It could make it uncomfortable for them to sit or turn around. Ensure the toys in the crate are not too many to make it difficult for them to adjust their position. You surely don’t want them to be bored. But on the other hand, you want them to be comfortable, too, right?! 

Mode of Transport & Accommodation

Mode of transportation, of course, matters. You may have to do slightly different protocols depending on the mode of transport. But whatever the model is, you surely need a crate. Plus, accommodation is something you need to be concerned about. Not all Airbnb or hotels love pets as you do. So, be mindful of this fact when booking your accommodation. Choose the one that offers perks, such as doggie daycare. If the hotel you’re booking does not have a pet policy on their website, don’t hesitate to call. Simply call and ask about it to avoid surprises when you arrive there. 

Checkup With Your Veterinarian

When traveling internationally, make sure you inform your vet about it as soon as possible. Doing so will help you to ensure your pet meets all the requirements of your arrival destination. These requirements may include:

  • Specific vaccinations;
  • Blood tests;
  • Microchips for identification. 

Buy the Right Carrier

If you don’t own a carrier or a crate yet, ensure you buy the one that is IATA-approved. Besides, it should be big enough for your furry friend to stand, turn around and sit comfortably. Moreover, make sure it is secure enough not to slip at the movements of the plane or any vehicle. Buying the right kind of carrier for your pet is extremely important to keep yourself and your pet calm and comfy, no matter what the distance. 

Skip the meal

Looking for ways to travel with pets comfortably? Remember, pets can get equally anxious as you when traveling. And, it’s totally normal. This anxiety can often lead to stress diarrhea. We’re sure this is the last thing you want to deal with on a long journey. Even if they seem completely fine before the trip, motion sickness can result in an upset stomach. To avoid accidents, it is recommended to feed them less than usual, especially if they have sensitivities. Keep their tummy empty. It will be not only good for you but also for your pet. But, this doesn’t mean you should starve them even when they are begging to eat. Skipping the last meal before you start your journey is a better idea. 

Keep Them Hydrated

Animals can get easily dehydrated if not given water regularly. Thus, be mindful of this fact when traveling. Pack extra water for this furry passenger of yours. Attaching a bowl inside the crate is also a great idea. Doing so allows them to self-regulate their water consumption. But, if that’s not possible, give them water frequently. Another great idea is to give them wet food. The water content in wet food is enough to keep your pet hydrated enough. 

Pack the Essentials

Last but not least, create a checklist of all the essential items at least two days before departing. Then, when you’re done packing, make sure you check that list. Doing so will not let you forget any of the essentials such as:

  • Your pet’s favorite food;
  • Your pet’s favorite toy;
  • Poop bags;
  • Blanket or towel;
  • Sufficient water;
  • Treats for good behavior;
  • A current picture of your pet just in case if you get separated;
  • A leash for your traveling pet;
  • A tag with all the travel information;
  • Sunscreen. 

These tips for traveling with pets are some of the basic things you need to keep in mind when planning a trip. So, make sure you follow them to keep yourself and your pet comfy and enjoy your journey to the fullest.

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