All You Should Know About Aquascaping

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What is Aquascaping

In layman’s language, aquascaping is the art of arranging plants along with stones and rocks beautifully in an aquarium. 

Aquascape designs come in different unique styles. The aquascape normally acts as a home to fish and aquatic plants as well. You could opt to go with either; plants solo or fish solo, all dependent with your preference and liking. 

The key goal with aquascaping is to come up with beautiful designs. However, the technical issues that deal with its maintenance must also be considered.  For an aquascape to be successful, the following factors have to be put into consideration.

  1. Maintaining the levels of carbon dioxide to support the process of photosynthesis.
  2. Control of algae
  3. Sufficient lighting
  4. Fertilization

There are specific methods that are used to maintain the aquatic plants healthy and surviving. You could opt to trim them to the desired sizes or otherwise arrange them in discretely. If you’re serious about aquascaping, you should consider use of fertilizers which normally comes in tablets and liquid forms to help the plants grow healthy. 

Another thing that you shouldn’t forget is to provide the plants with adequate lighting and pressurized carbon dioxide for the purposes of photosynthesis. Different lightings may be used, and usually vary between two and four watts per gallon. Supplementation of carbon dioxide will depend on the number of plants and fish available. 

Benefits of Aquascaping

You come home from a long day at work. It probably wasn’t your best. Sit down around an aquarium and enjoy the relaxed and calm feeling brought by it. The bubbling sound of the water helps you meditate, removing stress thoughts off your mind. 

study carried out by Plymouth University suggests that people who spend considerable amounts of their time around aquariums notice an improvement in their mental and physical wellbeing. There are lots of benefits accrued from aquariums that you wouldn’t even imagine of. Here are some:

Reduction of stress 

Modern day life is associated with stress from numerous sources. Work related issues and failure are good sources of stress. One thing with stress is that it eventually leads to physical and emotional disorders to your body. Stress is unavoidable, unarguably, but you can maintain it at minimum levels. One great way of minimizing stress is by introducing an aquarium to your home.

There is a relaxing feeling brought about by watching fish in aquarium swim along, making both slow and rapid movements inside the water. Your mind is soothed by this sight. The fish movements are hypnotic. This helps to put your mind at ease and release your troubles. If you have been frequently experiencing stressful moments, then it is time to get yourself a betta aquarium and reap the full benefits.

Reduces pain

Another great benefit of aquarium is that it assists in reducing body pains. This is something not known to many individuals. This is why you’ll find aquariums in many clinics and doctors’ chambers that you visit. Aquariums make your place very beautiful, no doubt about that. But on top of that, they help reduce pains. Many patients have testified that their pains were reduced once they started looking at aquariums. 

Aquariums also play a huge role in reducing anxiety and also colic pains. This is according to a study carried out by Plymouth University. Your levels of anxiousness are greatly reduced by staring at an aquarium. If you’re in this bracket, then you should get yourself an aquarium for your health and mental benefits.

Enhances good sleep

If you have been having insomnia, difficulties in sleeping, your answer lies with an aquarium. Aquariums and fish tanks come with a relaxing effect on your whole body. This, especially, applies to babies. An aquarium will help you sleep better and for longer at night. We all know that having a good night sleep assists you to wake up in the morning feeling all fresh. 

Good night sleep assists you to be more productive during the day, and have a quicker turnaround for your work. Also, having a good night sleep helps your body rejuvenate worn out tissues and cells for the next day. 

Reducing high blood pressure

Fish tanks assist in reducing high blood pressure. This is according to studies carried out by the University of Exter’s European Center for Environment and Human Health. Some people opt to skip putting fish and plants inside but rather decorate the aquarium fully. This can also work. 

However, a greater benefit will be experienced with the presence of fish. The studies also showed that just watching videos of fish swimming is enough. So, if the cost of getting an aquarium is beyond your budget, there is a cheaper alternative.

Increases the daily productivity

When at work, one secret to increasing your productivity and output is by having an aquarium in your office. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough space in the office, worry not; there are small aquariums that will fit perfectly in the limited space you got. Betta fish are a great option to go for. Why is this? Caring for them is simple and they also come in beautiful colors which you’ll enjoy to watch. 

Find a suitable place in your office where the aquarium will be visible by everyone. It has been tested and proven that people who have aquariums in their offices have a higher production as compared to those who lack aquariums.

Benefits Alzheimer’s patients

The elderly who have Alzheimer disease can greatly benefit from aquariums. According to a study carried out, Alzheimer’s patients are bound to eat more and consume fewer supplements if they have an aquarium around them. The relaxing effects of aquariums reduce their aggressive behaviors and make them more relaxed. 

Final Words

Aquariums come with lots of benefits. They are cheap to acquire and owning them isn’t difficult. When you own your aquarium be sure to take good care of it. The tank should always be clean, so as to have a clear view and maintain good health of the fish. Having done all this, sit back and start enjoying the therapeutic benefits associated with aquariums. 

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