Things Humans Do That Dogs Should Too

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This might not come off as a surprise to dog owners but more scientific research suggests that at times, dogs act more human than canine. 

Dogs can show empathy, read facial expressions and attitudes, and can even watch television. It’s believed that they have picked up these traits as they evolved from wolves thousands of years ago into the domesticated furry friends we adore so much today. 

For all the unconditional love that dogs show us, it’s only right that we reward their loyalty and commitment by taking care of their needs; especially those they just aren’t able to do themselves. 

Here are a few things that humans do that we should also be doing for our dogs. 

1. Brush Their Teeth Using the Best Toothpaste for Dogs

It can be quite the hassle at first, especially if your dog is not used to having its teeth brushed. However, regular teeth cleaning can save you and your dog a lot of trouble in the future. 

Both pups and older dogs experience gum disease and dental problems. Therefore, brushing their teeth with the best toothpaste for dogs will get rid of any tartar or plaque buildup that can cause dental health problems for your dog. 

You don’t want to see your pup have to undergo tooth removal or surgery because of a spreading gum infection.

2. Thorough Cleaning and Grooming

Dogs need to be bathed and groomed regularly. This is important in making sure they smell sweet and look fantastic. Just as people take the time to buy shampoos and soap for their daily bath, owners must buy the right dog shampoo so that their coats look shiny and healthy.  

Using a dog bath tub helps clean the dog as compared to a hose down in the yard. Make sure their nails are clipped and their coats are brushed. 

3. Regular Workout for Exercise

Taking your dog for a walk might feel time-consuming but it is a very important function for your dog. Without constant exercise, your dog will put on some weight and will also show some undesirable behaviors directly associated with being bored and inactive. 

How much you exercise your dog depends on its size and breed. The larger the breed, the more they need walking. This replaces what your pet would naturally do as an undomesticated dog such as hunting or roaming about. 

4. Have Them Vaccinated

Just as you would a human baby, you also need to get your pet vaccinated. Even though visiting the vet is something your dog does not particularly enjoy, having them vaccinated protects them from various diseases that can even prove fatal in some instances. 

It’s sad seeing your pet stressed out by an injection but it’s even sadder seeing them suffer from a disease you know you could have prevented. 

It’s a Ruff World 

From a neutral perspective, doing these things for your dog can seem intimidating. In truth, none of these tasks should be too complicated for you or your dog. Plus, a major upside is you get to spend more time with your dog, helping your bond grow strong. 

There are fewer joys in life that will give you the satisfaction of helping your dog live a long, happy, and healthy life.

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