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Important Information To Know Before Exporting Your Dog To Singapore

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Pet movements face many regulations when moving from one country to another, and the rules of crossing international borders vary between countries. Moving pets across international borders call for complying with plenty of details which only a professional pet relocation can handle efficiently. Besides, the company can take the best care of pets during transit, which gives complete peace of mind to pet owners who are generally worried about the safety and comfort of the animals during transit. To know more about international travel of pets, log on to

Companies that provide international pet relocation services have a complete understanding of animals’ psycho-social and medical needs when moving these across international borders over long distances, usually by air or ship, and in some cases by road. Also, they are conversant with the destination-based requirements and have detailed knowledge about it. However, pet owners must know the role they must play to facilitate the safe passage of their pets. 

What to know before importing pets to Singapore?

Pet owners who want to bring their pets from another country to Singapore must first ascertain how well the pet can withstand travel stress according to its age and medical condition.   The pet must be of sound health to avoid complications during the journey.  The next thing to consider is the type of container that is most suitable for putting the pet inside when taking it from Changi Airport to the quarantine center and buy such a container. The pet relocation company can guide you in this matter. Going ahead, pet owners must make necessary arrangements with the airlines they choose for the pet’s travel. 

Pet breed – Firstly, you must ensure that the pet breed is allowable for import in Singapore and even permissible at the place of your residence. To comply with rabies risk management requirements, you must know about the rabies risk category of the exporting country.

Vaccines – Know about the requirement of rabies and serology tests from the exporting country pets must have rabies vaccine together with vaccination records if imported from countries belonging to category B, C and D. The documents will be scrutinized on arrival. There must be a blood test report done after 30 days of vaccination to determine the antibody level that must be not less than 0.5IU/ml. General vaccinations to be given 14 days before the flight. 

 Permits – Obtain dog license and import permit. 

Health certificate – Obtain a veterinary health certificate from the exporting country after sending the pet for parasite treatment. 

Quarantine – Pet import involves quarantine of the animals for a specified time at various quarantine centers after arrival in Singapore. You must know the applicable quarantine period and the respective quarantine center based on the country of export. The quarantine period can vary from 10 days to 30 days, depending on the category of the exporting country.  Most importantly, all cats and dogs entering Singapore must have a non-encrypted ISO compliant microchip for identification.

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