Things to Watch Out For When Your Puppy Is Sleeping

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Research states that having a puppy helps to alleviate stress and anxiety. Petting a dog lowers blood pressure, heart rate, slows breathing, and relaxes muscle tension. These are among the many reasons you should always take care of your puppy. You have to ensure that your puppy stays healthy. You can do this by figuring out what food to use and monitoring its water intake. You should also ensure that your puppy is playing with safe toys. Another way you can protect your pup and ensure that it stays healthy is by ensuring that it gets enough quality sleep. Things article will provide you with essential things you should watch out for when your puppy is sleeping.

Your Bed

Of course, getting a puppy is an exciting thing, but you have to plan for the arrival of your little furry friend. A common question for puppy owners is, where is the ideal place for a puppy to sleep? The thing is, no matter how much you love your pup, you have to watch out for where it is sleeping. When your puppy is new to your home, you should make sure that it feels comfortable. This will make it believe that it is in a safe space.

How do you make your pup comfortable? During the first few weeks, it is highly recommended that your puppy sleeps in a crate near your bed. This way, the puppy will not have separation anxiety and it will feel comfortable knowing it’s next to you. Note that you should not bring your puppy with you to your bed. This is because they develop this habit at an earlier age. Also, if you have other dogs, you should bring your puppy’s bed near them. This way, they become acquainted with the scent and comforted by their presence.


Another thing you should watch out for when your puppy is sleeping is noise. You should ensure that you keep bedtime calm. Avoid intense games of tug or other exciting activities that get your puppy aroused and excited within the first half-hour before bedtime. This will help your puppy fall asleep faster. As your puppy sleeps, you should ensure the room is as quiet as possible. This way, your puppy will be able to get undisturbed sleep.

How can you ensure that you keep bedtime calm? You can do this by ensuring that you do not play loud music when your pup is sleeping. If you have headsets, you should consider using them when playing music. Also, ensure that kids are not playing around the place where your puppy is sleeping. Note that most puppies get excited when it comes to playing games. If kids are playing around, they would rather play than sleep. It is also essential for you to create a routine. Many dogs enjoy routines. For example, your pup will know it’s almost bedtime when it sees you brushing your teeth.


The thing is that puppies’ breathing rate increases when they sleep, if they have recently played or exercised, or are too hot. Regardless of where and when your puppy is sleeping, you want them to feel comfortable and safe. If you notice that your puppy is breathing fast while sleeping, you may get worried. The question is, should you be concerned? Of course, you should be concerned if you notice that your puppy is not breathing as they usually do. However, you need to note that a puppies breathing rate should be between 10 and 35 breaths per minute.

First, you should determine if your puppy is breathing fast by calculating their breaths per minute. Fast breathing periods can be a sign of something more serious. For example, it can be caused by food poisoning and trachea or heart problems. This way, you should be very mindful of how your pup is breathing when sleeping. Ensure that you keep your pup from heat and ensure that they drink enough water. If you notice any fast breathing, call your vet so that you get advice on what to do next.

Temperature and Cleanliness

It is also vital that you check the room temperature your puppy is sleeping in. Of course, extreme temperatures are not conducive for a young puppy to sleep in. Note that puppies, like human babies, are delicate. This means that they require a stable environment. What temperature is ideal? For newborn puppies, the room temperature should be about 29.5-32degrees. When the puppy is 7-10 days old, you should maintain a room temperature of 26 degrees Celsius. After the fourth week, ensure that you maintain a temperature of around 22.2 degrees Celsius. The room your puppy is sleeping in mustn’t be too hot or too cold.

Also, you should ensure that your dog sleeps in a clean place. The thing is that dogs naturally like to keep their sleeping space clean. Ensure that the bed and the beddings of your dog are also clean. This will help protect your puppy from some diseases. Note that if your puppy lives in an unclean, cold, or damp place it may lead to unnecessary suffering. Also, ensure that your puppy is not sleeping on the floor.


You must ensure that your puppy is sleeping in a comfortable place. You can make a comfortable crate for your puppy to sleep in. You can also ensure your pup is comfortable by offering them soft and comfortable beddings. You must ensure that your puppy gets undisturbed quality sleep every day. The comfort of your puppy should be one of your priorities.


It is hard not to love watching your puppy sleep. They might somehow manage to get cuter. Puppies look so content and peaceful when they sleep. You need to ensure that you check on several factors when your puppy is sleeping. This is to ensure that your puppy has a quality and undisturbed sleep. This article has provided you with essential things you should watch out for when your puppy is sleeping.