Tips and Recommendations For New Pet Owners

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Getting a pet is very exciting. You will have a new family member and companion to snuggle with, play with, and spend time with. Most people think of the enjoyable aspects of pet ownership, but the truth is that they are also a big responsibility. There is a lot to know when you have a new pet. You need to make sure that they are happy and healthy so that you can enjoy each other’s company for many years to come. Here are some tips and recommendations for any new pet owner. 

Get Your Home Pet-Proofed

If you’ve never had a pet or even pet art before, you might be shocked to discover what they can get into if given a chance. There may be unsafe areas of your home, or things that you do not want them to get at, such as food or delicate keepsakes. Before bringing your pet home, make sure that you can safely close off sections of your home that you do not want them to access. Your cupboards should all close tightly, and if not, you can purchase clips or magnets to rectify it. Do some research to see if any plants that you might have in your home are safe for pets. You don’t want them to get sick or worse if they take a nibble. 

There Will Be Fur

Be prepared for a lot of fur. Unless you have a non-shedding pet, you will find pet hair all over your home, even in places where they are not allowed. Make sure that you have a reliable and powerful vacuum that can remove pet hair from rugs, carpets, and upholstery. You might want to remove certain carpets as well. Pet dander can get ingrained into carpets and make them smell and look shabby. This can also be hazardous for those who have existing respiratory problems. If you do have carpets, make sure to vacuum at  least every 2 days. 

Veterinary Care

At some point, you will have to take your pet to see the vet. You should take them as soon as you bring them home, and then at least once a year after that. Plus, there will be times when your animal gets sick or injured and you have to take them in. You can take measures to prevent health issues, such as feeding them right and making sure they exercise, but the unexpected can always happen. 

To help mitigate costs, pet insurance provides protection for those times when your pet needs care and you don’t want to go bankrupt. There are many options for pet insurance plans from Pumpkin, and you can choose one to fit your pet and your budget. Never let your animal suffer just because you don’t feel like you can afford the veterinary visit. 


If you are bringing home a dog, then be prepared to spend a lot of time walking them. This is not only an important way to keep their bodies healthy, but it also helps you. A tired dog is a good dog. The more tuckered out they are from doing their favorite thing, the less likely they will be to get up to mischief. This can also make training easier, as exercise helps them focus their minds and be more receptive to instruction. Not only will you be giving your dog what they need, but you will get health benefits as well! Budget at least 45 minutes a day for walk time and your pup will thank you. 


You might have a huge fence that surrounds your home, but there will inevitably come a time when your pet will escape. If you’re lucky, you will track them down quickly or a friendly neighbor will bring them back. However, if they get far from home, they could get lost, and you will have no way to find them. 

Microchipping increases the chances that you will be reunited with your lost animal. If someone finds them, they can bring the pet to a veterinarian. The vet will then scan the animal to check for a microchip. If there is one, they can match the animal to the other and make sure it gets back to where it belongs. 

Be Patient

Never expect that bringing an animal into your home will go completely smoothly right off the bat. There will be an adjustment period for all of you, including the pet. They will have to get used to new routines and new family members, and your family will as well. Make sure that you are patient with your pet as they learn your expectations and you learn their expectations of you. It might even take several months or longer for everyone to settle into the new normal. However, that patient will definitely pay off with a cuddly loving family member for life. 

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