Tips for Choosing the Best ESA Dog For Your Needs

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Guest post: In today’s hectic world there are many things that can make us stressed. The world moves fast and it can be difficult to cope when times get tough and you just want to slow down. This is why there are so many mental health issues. There are more people suffering from anxiety and depression than ever before. There are many ways that people try to cope with such issues, one is drinking heavily or taking drugs. These methods obviously do not help the situation.

Why a Dog? 

But a few years ago it was discovered that having a pet, especially a dog, helps with your mental health. Animals have a wonderful way of taking you away from all the negative thoughts and feelings you may have and placing you in a better state. This has been proven through countless tests and trials and is now part of treatment for mental health sufferers in the US. These dogs are not specially trained they are just like all dogs, it is just a dog’s natural ability to make you feel good.

Which Breed is Right For Me?

So, the things you should remember when choosing your dog are what type you like. There are so many different breeds of dogs from around the world, it is all about what ticks your boxes. If you like the look of a large dog or would you prefer a smaller dog? They all have their advantages. It is a good idea to research the various dog breeds before you decide on a dog. This will educate you on how different breeds have different personalities. 

For example, there are Jack Russels that are full of energy and need lots of playtimes. Compare this to a Chihuahua which likes to relax in the home most of the day. It is a good idea to discover about different breeds so you can pick a dog that is most suitable for your lifestyle. The next step is to go and look for the dog of your choice. There are various places where you can buy dogs. Many people like to buy dogs from shelters and put them in a loving new home.

By going and checking the dogs out you will be able to sense if you have a connection with a certain dog or dog breed. This can be important because many times you will meet a dog or any animal and you feel a strong connection with that animal. This is a great sign and something that tells you this is the correct one for me. An emotional support animal is more than just a companion it turns into your best friend and your medicine. There is a strong connection between the two of you. 

Will a Dog Give You The Right Support?

Once you find the right dog that fits into your life you will see many positive changes in your life. An emotional support dog can help change the way you think and feel. They give you a positive feeling and a sense of purpose. The correct support dog makes you feel better about yourself and your life. It is amazing how much a dog can help you when you feel down. An ESA dog understands people’s emotions through energy and can support them through difficult periods of their life. Many people who are going through difficulties head for a site like dota2 betting but the positive feeling you get through an ESA dog is second to none.

To summarize all the tips we provided, let’s look at the list:

  • think of the breed 
  • go and see dogs feel the connection
  • consult mental health experts who can provide you more information on ESA dogs

After you have chosen your dog you will notice how much better you will feel every single day. Your moods will be a lot more positive as well as your emotions. Your support dog will be your companion through the darkness and into the light. You will now have someone that understands you and allows you to be yourself. 

You are able to take your support dog anywhere you desire. People with ESA dogs are allowed these dogs to accompany them, in some cases, including places where other people can not take their dogs. You will even have a chance to travel with an ESA.


So you and your support dog are able to be together under all circumstances. This allows you both to have a super-strong connection that will last as long as you are both together. It is amazing how much an ESA dog can help people come through their dark times. By choosing the perfect dog that fits into your lifestyle you can get the help you need to overcome your depression and mental health issues.

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