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How To Keep Your Cat Happy

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A happy cat is a joyous companion, the radiance of their love a cherished treasure that warms the heart. Cats hold an amazing power over humans, one that allows them to spread their delight through playful interaction. It really does not take much to make a cat happy, just a thoughtful and enamored human willing to compassionately tend to their emotional needs. In return for our goodwill, we are allowed to be graced with the noble affections of a true confidant. For more information about cats, visit Miauland.

Tips for making a cat happy are mostly based on the inclusion of them as an important part of our lives. Cat’s have a bad and undeserved reputation as being finicky from an emotional standpoint, when in fact, they are able to express their emotions quite freely. Cats need much of the same diversity that humans require to make them happy – affection, play, respect for personal space, and a sense of belonging. Believe it or not, I met a stray cat I found a year ago that actually smiles when they are happy!

Making your cat happy starts with learning how to read your cat’s moods and responding appropriately. If you try to play with your cat and they are not interested, stop. Attempt to give the cat a little affection, if it responds well, continue or escalate the level of affection a little. If the cat walks away, leave it alone for a while, it probably doesn’t want to be bothered. Use a little common sense when approaching your cat, if it’s sleeping don’t wake it up to play.  In addition, there are certain breeds of cats are in general more happier like the Norwegian Forest cat or the Maine Coone.

Tips for making your cat happy begin with ensuring your pal has a balanced life. This encompasses proper nutrition, adequate exercise, a comfortable place to sleep, regular Veterinarian visits, fresh water, lots of affection, and about a hundred other variables. Any aspect of daily life that is lacking in balance can cause a cat to be unhappy. In many perspectives, you and your cat have a parent/child relationship, it is your responsibility to care for them as it was your choice to adopt them. Live up to this duty and you’ll have a great friend for many years if not, you’ll wonder why the cat only wants food and water from you. Obviously, your cat can’t vocally tell you what it is need of, so you have to put yourself in the cat’s position. A couple of times daily, stop and think for a minute or two what your cat may require. Odds are, each time you do this you’ll discover something that can be done, no matter how seemingly insignificant, that will make your cat happy.

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