Tips for Keeping Your Dog Happy This Summer

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Summer is approaching quickly. You’re likely ready to spend some time out in the sun. If you have a dog, you want him to have some fun with you. Keeping him happy and healthy in the warm weather is crucial. Here are a few tips to help.

Go Out Together

As the weather warms, you may start spending more time outside. Whether spending the afternoon in town, heading to the park, or taking a weekend vacation, your dog makes the perfect travel companion. When planning trips, look for dog-friendly places. You can enjoy a delicious iced coffee on the patio with your dog nearby. If you need a hotel, look for places that welcome four-legged guests.

Make Some Frozen Treats

Ice pops and other frozen treats hit the spot when it’s hot. There’s a good chance that your dog would love a cool snack, too. Rather than giving him ice cream or popsicles, though, you can make a healthier treat for him to enjoy.

One of the easiest frozen treats to make for your dog involves mixing water with low-sodium chicken broth and freezing it in an ice cube tray. If you want to make something a little fancier, you can blend fresh fruit with low-fat yogurt (include peanut butter if your dog is a fan) and freeze the mix into a mold. The two of you can sit out on the porch and eat your icy treats while you enjoy the incredible weather.

Go for a Swim

Taking a dip in the pool on a hot day is an excellent way to cool off. The only thing better than going for a swim is doing it in your own yard. If you don’t have a pool for you, your family, and your pooch to enjoy, now’s the perfect time to have one built. By searching for pool builders near me, you can find local contractors who can make your dreams come true.

When it comes to swimming with your dog, keep the following safety tips in mind:

  • Be sure your dog can swim. If not, start him out in a kiddie pool. You can also get a doggie life jacket.
  • Practice some obedience training.
  • Don’t let him drink the water.
  • Make sure he can get out of the pool.
  • Never leave him unattended.

Get a Summer Cut

Dogs don’t sweat; they pant to stay cool. Panting, however, only does so much. You can help to keep your dog more comfortable by minding his coat. Brush him regularly to remove shedding fur so that air can circulate more freely and reach his skin. If he has long hair, speak with your groomer and discuss summer haircuts appropriate for your dog’s breed and coat type.

Keep the Temperature in Mind

It’s hottest in the middle of the day. As the temperatures rise (and even as they begin to cool), the pavement heats up and can become even hotter than the actual air temperature. Walking without foot protection can lead to painful blisters on your dog’s feet.

The best time for walks is in the early morning or late evening. Stick to grassy areas if you can. If you do need to take your dog on asphalt or pavement, make sure he has booties to protect the pads of his feet.

Be Prepared for Loud Noises

During the summer, most people like spending time outdoors. Some gatherings (particularly in July) involve fireworks. While humans know what the sounds are, dogs don’t. If the sudden explosions make your dog nervous, prepare ahead of time to keep him calm and comforted.

To keep your dog safe when fireworks are going off:

  • Keep him at home.
  • Turn on some music to drown out the sound.
  • Provide a safe space (such as a kennel).
  • Tire him out before nighttime.
  • Microchip If he manages to escape the house while frightened and gets lost, a chip helps to increase the chances that he makes his way home.

Having fun this summer doesn’t mean that you need to leave your canine companion behind. With planning and paying attention to the weather, you can ensure that you both have a fantastic time no matter what you choose to do.

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