Tips For Planning Your Dog’s Birthday Party

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Dogs are man’s best friend, so it comes as no surprise that when it comes to their birthdays, their owners want to go all out and celebrate. What do you need to have a great dog birthday party? Below are some ideas and tips to help spoil your pooch.

Who to Invite?

You decided to throw a birthday party for your dog. Next step, who do you want at the party? First, is it just your friends and family coming or are you inviting their dogs as well? If your dog is more into people, then sticking to people he/she knows is the safest idea. If, on the other hand, your dog loves playing with other canine friends, then having a bring your pooch party and inviting the guest’s dogs is a good idea. Just remember, to keep it to dogs your dog already knows and likes.


Just like any party plan, you need to know your budget. There are a variety of fun options no matter the size of the budget. A $50 budget for your canine extravaganza will look a lot different to a $500 budget party. Knowing this upfront manages expectations and stops you from going into debt.  

Location for the Party

The party’s location matters, depending on how many guests will be coming. If the party is just about your dog and does not include other pooches, then having it at your home is fine. If you are having dogs, particularly large dogs, then maybe outdoors, at a dog beach or dog park, might be a better option. Be sure to call ahead and arrange with your local dog park and bear in mind it will be a less formal affair.

Party Theme

Just like birthday parties for kids and adults, dogs can have themed parties too. Essentially, if you can have a human birthday party with a particular theme, then it can be for a dog party as well.  Choose the theme that works best for you and fit’s your dog’s personality the best.


Now you need to let your family and friends (and their dogs) know there is a party in the first place. Party themed invitations add a nice personal touch. If you are considered saving some trees, then opt for E-vites. You might be able to personalise them by uploading a photo of your dog.


It is not a birthday party without any balloons and a dog’s birthday party can have all the decorations you desire. If you love decorating for parties, then this canine-centric event should be no different, and feel free to let loose. If decorating is not really your thing, then maybe just stick to some matching doggie themed plates and goodie bags. It is really all about what you are comfortable with.

Food and Drink

Whether your guests have feet or paws, they will need refreshments. If you have invited all of Rover’s doggie friends, make sure you have plenty of dog bowls with water for them to lap up. Decide if you are providing separate food for humans and dogs or just food that is safe for everyone. A dog birthday cake is a must.


The optimal time frame for a dog birthday party is two hours. Consider a backyard water park for the water-loving dog or maybe a game of Ultimate Fetch or maybe running a makeshift photobooth for dogs. Also, have a quiet dog only area where your pooch and other dog guests can have some downtime.


Consider whether you want your guests to bring a birthday gift for your dog. Alternatively, have guests donate to a local animal shelter if your dog has everything it could ever want. It really depends on what you are ok with here.

These are just some of the things to think about when throwing your dog a birthday party. Dogs are like a part of the family for most animal lovers and a birthday party celebrating your canine companion is a fun event for the family.

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