Tips for Staying in Hotels with Dogs

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If you own a dog, it becomes a difficult decision to leave your beloved pet home. Most people love to travel with dogs. Sometimes, it is tough to keep the dog with you in a hotel due to high fees. Below are tips to stay in a hotel with pet:

Choose the Right Pet-Friendly Hotel

A dog is an important part of your life. Naturally, you do not want to leave your friend home while you go for a holiday. At times, keeping a dog in a hotel is difficult. To pick the right pet-friendly hotel is not as simple as you might think. Different offers and rules imply in different states to keep the dog. Pick a hotel that provides necessary pet essential items like blankets, food, coats, and others. If the weather stays pet friendly, it is good for you. You cannot travel with a dog in the winter season without the essential items. All good hotels provide free treats for pets. Look for restaurants that offer quality water bowls and treats. Few hotels and pubs also offer ‘Pawsecco’ and dog beer. Besides, restaurants develop a dog-specific menu, which includes all items from T-bone steak to sausages.

You can also involve your dog in little exercises to keep them active. If your dog’s size is small and does not need much exercise, then a standard size hotel will be perfect. On the other hand, if the dog is large and on a tight budget, it is better to conduct thorough research. If a hotel allows you to stay with pets, it is not necessarily pet-friendly, too. Few hotels do not provide any extra information or benefits to dogs. Check every detail about the hotel before you decide that the hotel is perfect for you. You can ask your friends to provide any recommendations for pet-friendly hotels. Look at the different options which are available to you. It will make it easy and convenient for you to make a decision.

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Double Check Pet Fees and Restrictions

You can check the pet fees and hotel policy via phone before you decide to book the hotel. Ask specific details from the customer support personnel to understand the pet restrictions. You need to check whether the dog fee is in your budget. The Pet hotel room provides you different options like sitters and dog walkers. You can ask the hotel manager if the service is free or additional fee is associated with it. A pet fee of $30 to $60 is standard in most places and hotels. Check whether the restaurant provides some discounts in the off-season. It will help you to make a final decision. You can keep the pet in the hotel if all the options are viable to you.

If there are multiple dogs, check with the hotel manager how many pets you can keep in a single room. Some hotels allow multiple pets, while others only allow you to keep only a single pet per room. If the hotel’s website mentions its dog-friendly nature, you can feel happy in such a hotel. It is better to check with the hotel manager if you are confused about the hotel’s regulations.

Request a Room near the Entrance

Traveling with pets hotels can be tough, especially if you are traveling with the dog for the first time. Pick the best room for your needs. A room on the ground -floor or near the entrance is ideal. Plenty of space will be available for you. You can handle the dog with ease, as the distance from the room to the exit gate will be minimal. Besides, a quite active dog dropping the items on the floor will not disturb the neighbors. It is good to have a room away from the elevator, especially if your dog barks a lot.  

Know Your Dog’s Behavior

When you travel with a dog, you will understand your dog’s behavior better. You must understand how the dog reacts in different situations. If your dog barks at people walking around, you can ask for a room on the top floor. On the other hand, if the dog gets nervous in the elevator, you can ask for a room on the first or second floor. It would help if you turned on your TV when you leave the room. It will force the dog to behave in a normal way. The dog will not hear outside people’s voices, which will keep the dog calm.
Have a Plan If You Cannot Leave Your Dog Alone

Check for the hotel’s policy on leaving the dog alone. If the hotel is strict on not leaving the dog alone in the room, you can take steps to make an alternate plan. You can hire a dog sitter or walker to take care of the dog while you visit a new place. A staff member can walk your dog around for as long as you are away from the hotel. You can also leave your dog at a local dog spa, groomer, or boarding kennel. If a hotel allows you to leave the dog in a hotel room, you can ask the staff members to call you in case of any noise complaint.

Research Pet-Friendly Restaurants

You can find hotels that allow you to leave the dog in the room alone. Besides, few hotels allow visitors to bring a dog for meals. You can check the nearby places which provide dog service. If your hotel does not allow you to keep a dog alone in a hotel room, you can benefit from the presence of nearby restaurants. The pet-friendly hotels provide at least a portion of the lobby or onsite area. The restaurants, which provide outside seating also, allow dogs in a certain perimeter. You can check the weather forecast to decide to leave the dog in the outside area. Always make a backup plan to deal with an uncertain situation. It will help you to manage things appropriately.


You can follow the above tips to decide whether a particular hotel is suitable to keep the dog with you. Look for the hotel’s policy about pets. It is good to conduct research and read reviews of customers. A customer’s good recommendation will ease your way to the final decision. Don’t forget to look into an ESA letter to keep your pet with you.

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