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How To Keep Your House Clean While Owning Pets

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An animal-loving household is also a household that is hard to keep clean. Only when you are a pet owner you will understand the struggle of keeping the house spotless. When you have pets everything will be more challenging, there will not only be footprints but there will also pee paw prints, hair and fur will be just about anywhere and kibble will be all over the place. But don’t despair just yet, there are many tips that will help you keep your house super clean and still have pets. 

Always Keep a Stain Remover Close By

Even if you have the world’s best-trained pet it is impossible that they won’t get a stomach bug or eat something bad or simply have an accident in the house. While keeping that in mind always have a cleaner with whom you can clean the stains and get rid of the odour immediately. You will have the best chance of removing it if you clean it right as it happened. 

Choose Your Flooring Option

Even though wood floors and carpets aren’t the ideal flooring option when you have pets, nobody wants to have their whole house in tiles. But there are many carpet and wood floor options that aren’t so prone to scratches or carpets that are easy to clean. That is why when you visit the flooring centre you need to look for higher performance hardwood and carpets that are easily cleaned. There are hardwood floors that are infused with acrylic which makes the floors less prone to scratches. Having hardwood floors or carpets when you have pets is a life changer because it is super easy to clean and vacuum. It will not only make it easier to clean, but you will also prevent bad smells from happening. 

Contain the Messes Immediately

The spot that is always dirty no matter how often you clean it is around the food and water bowls and the litter box. To contain the messes that are bound to happen you can put a rimmed tray under the bowls and litter boxes so it catches all the mess and it’s super easy to clean.

Stay on track With Hygiene

Nobody wants to have a flea infestation in your house. Not only is it really hard, but it also costs a lot of money and it’s a mess. Therefore to avoid that from happening give your pet seasonal flea baths and vacuum every day. It is important that you stay on top of controlling the fleas even if your pet doesn’t go outside. If your pet doesn’t like baths you can put a flea collar on them. 

Cover up Your Furniture

If you can’t resist cuddling with your pet and allow them to use the furniture like a human, simply cover it up with a blanket to protect it. Have a couple of blankets that will only be for covering furniture and swap it out every week or so depending on how much your pet sheds. It will not only keep the hair off it, but it will also protect your furniture from soaking up pet odours. 

Regularly Clean Your Pet’s Belongings

First and foremost before you buy your pet beds, toys and blankets make sure that they are washable. Because if your pet uses them all the time they will begin to have a strong odour. If you think that it will get damaged in the washer you can wash by hand and put it outside in direct sunlight so it dries completely. 

Have a Quality Vacuum Cleaner

Depending on how much your pet sheds and what type of hair it has you will need an appropriate vacuum cleaner. If your pet sheds a lot you have to have a vacuum that is powerful enough to suction and pull out all the hairs that are stuck in little nooks and crannies. Make sure that you clean your filters regularly because if the filter is clogged it will spread the smell of pet hair and dirt whenever you turn it on. 

Sharing a home with your furry friend is always a good thing because that means that you are happier and healthier. To make it an even better place try out these tips and enjoy a mess-free life with your pet. 

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