Tips To Save Your Pets from Illness during COVID-19

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As per the facts and history of the Coronavirus, you may know that it entered in humans through bats. The virus is most likely found in certain animals like bats, cattle, and camels. According to a report by the CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there is no evidence that animals are the primary reason for the virus outbreak.

However, there are possible chances that the virus can transfer from humans to animals, and you must save your pets from it. While the risk of animals spread COVID-19 is low, pets, on the other hand, are at risk of getting infected from owners and family members.

You can look for online voucher codes and save on safety supplies like facemasks, sanitizer, disposable gloves, disinfectants, and medicated wipes. Nonetheless, pet owners cannot limit themselves to these supplies. It is necessary to find protection for four-legged family members too.

How to Save Your Pets during the Pandemic?

The disease SARS-CoV-2 caused by the Coronavirus pandemic is still under the microscope. There is a lot you need to study about the virus before getting to any conclusions. A few details about the spread from person to person are known, medical experts know nothing about its transfer from animals. 

After the first case in New York reported two pet cats getting infected by the COVID-19 on 22 Apr 2020; pet owners are worried about their best friends. People in different corners of the world are working on measures for protecting pets from the virus. 

As per the suggestions of CDC, you can take the following steps and save your pets.

  • Try to limit your pets from interacting with people outside your house or other animals.
  • If your pet is a cat, keep it indoors and prevent interaction from other pets or people.
  • Dog owners can walk out with their pets only if they keep a six-feet distance from other people and animals.
  • Keep away from cat and dog parks as these are the most dangerous spots for the spread of the disease.

Also, the CDC recommends patients of the COVID-19 under isolation must follow some steps.

  • If possible, assign your pet’s responsibility to another family member and let them take care of your partner.
  • Prevent close interaction and save your pets and maintain distance for protection. Avoid snuggling, licking, kissing, hugging, and eating with them too.
  • For those who are not able to get pet caregiver, cover your face with a cloth and mask while looking after them. Also, wash your hands before and after touching your innocent friends.

It is necessary that you call a veterinarian for knowing how to save your pets from the virus. Make sure to call the doctor first rather than visiting to a pet care clinic. You must respect the safety of others and not risk people by exposing them to the virus.

If you come across any symptoms in your pet, you may be able to know how you can treat your lovely animal at home. Telemedicine is the best way to save your pets without leaving the comfort zone.

Special Advice for Pet Owners

If you have pets, it is necessary that you keep yourself healthy and maintain the health of your four-legged family members too. CDC believes you must stay healthy around animals and risk the chances of SARS-CoV-2 in animals.

No wonder, there is not any absolute evidence regarding the spread of COVID-19 in pet owners from their animals. Nonetheless, you can most likely get sick as pets carry germs with them and make your immune system weaker after a careless behavior.

Practicing some healthy habits regularly can help you in maintaining your health around loyal partners.

  • Wash your hands and sanitize them after handling your pets and their food, supplies, or waste.
  • Keep practicing proper pet hygiene and clean them regularly.
  • Discuss your pet’s health to your veterinarian with or without noticing any symptoms.
  • Keep weak, old, and sick people away from your pets as they have a higher risk of getting ill. Also, prevent children under five years from interacting with your pets more as they can also get sick quickly.

You can always stay updated about the Coronavirus spread. Just because the disease is new to the world, it will take time. For moving securely with the surroundings, keep looking for the latest news every while.

Save Your Pets As They Are Family

Aside from all the suggestions and recommends, CDC shares a fact every human must respect and understand. Remember, pets are your four-legged family members. You must save your pets and never abandon them in any situation.

Protect them like you would show concern to other people in your home. Also, if your loyal partners get sick, treat them like you would treat a patient in the family. Taking care of pets is necessary so, keep loving them no matter what!

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