Tips to Secure Your Pets During Pandemic

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Animals are comfortable friends, and they are safe and stress-relieving. They are playful and show love for their owners. They don’t leave you alone.

People love their animals in the United States! Recent surveys indicate that about 75 million U.S. families have at least one animal. More than 60% of them have pets. There have been reported infections with COVID-19 viruses, mainly following intimate contact with COVID-19 individuals of small numbers of pets around the world including cats and dogs. The risk of animals transferring COVID 19 to humans is judged low based on the information known to date. In some conditions, the virus causing COVID-19 can transmit from person to animal, particularly in close contact.

Some pets are people’s families. But what to do to keep them safe and secure during this pandemic? Here are a few tips to secure your pets during a pandemic.

Tips to Secure Your Pets

1.   Good Hygiene

Always do proper hygiene – after engaging with your dogs, wash your hands. Don’t get kissed, licked, or share your pet’s food.

2.   Regular Exercise

Like us, our furry pets must be moving and entertaining to keep healthy and balanced. It is indeed essential for their well-being.

For dogs, walks and runs are the simple way to go if they are strong and healthy enough to keep up with the action. Take the steps or a treadmill, even on wet days. If dogs grow bored, they discover ways to have fun, and this may happen if destructive conduct takes place. Enrichment should also be a daily part of the life of your dog.

There are various ways that cats, especially those with the finest felines, can be enriched every day. Essentially, select the pastime you like best to make the most of your cat. Buy cat furniture to climb, play, and scratch. This can be a large multi-level cat tree or a cardboard box. Read a book for them. Insight of the window, place a birdbath or bird feeder. Play string, feathers, or pointers. Make food or buy jigsaws for hunting. Wadded paper, foil balls, snuffle mat, and plastic rings from milk jugs are low-cost (or no-cost) choices.

3.   Healthy Food and Medications

To maintain their health and wellness, it is essential to keep your pets on the same diet as feasible. The stress of family change or the daily routine may also be revealed in the digestive system, which could make issues worse for you if you change their food or over/under feeding time (and treats!). There are a couple of wonderful internet supplies, so you don’t have to go out. Consider that the supply is available for at least 2-4 weeks. And make sure you get lots of freshwaters all day long.

4.   Some Alone Time for Them

Give your pet a while alone – sometimes everybody needs a break, including domestic animals. Recall having a break if you are home with your family and children. One good rule is to leave them alone when your pet is in bed or has a rest, you can play with dog art in the meantime. If you have a cat, ensure that they can escape from other animals and members of their families, if they like.

5.   Stock-Up on Pet Supplies

In case of an emergency, prepare a package with necessary items available. A 30-day supply of the medication of your dogs and food for at least two weeks should be included in your emergency bag.

6.   Emergency Caregiver

Identify someone who can aid you with short or long-term care if you cannot care for your animal. Consider a friend, a family member, a neighbor, or a beloved resort.

If assistance is needed by your emergency caregiver, make it easier with all information on your pets in one spot. Consider mentioning customs, food preferences, medications, contact information for veterinarians, and behavioral trends.

Take care of your pets as you take care of yourself during these times. Consider talking to professionals if you are not sure of what to do with your pets during these times.

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