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Top 10 Largest Dog Breeds In The World!

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Although some people prefer dainty pups that can fit in a purse, you’re the type who likes big dogs. These canines are protectors. With their large size and mighty powerful bark, they keep the whole family safe from danger, even if that means chasing down that mail officer every morning.

You may have a behemoth of a dog, but is it really the biggest one out there? Who knows? Well, it’s not like you’ve grabbed your measuring tape and compared your dog’s height and weight to one of these skyscrapers.

Well, perhaps you should. This way, you can check out this list of the 10 largest dogs in the world and see where your own four-legged friend measures up. Is your pet one of the world’s biggest dogs? Let’s find out!

1. Central Asian Shepherd Dog

Ready for cold weather, the Central Asian Shepherd Dog is often found in Russia, where winters can be slow and brutal. This pup is one of the biggest dogs in the world and its cheery white coat protects him from the low temperatures. He sometimes goes by the name Central Asian Ovcharka, but regardless of what you want to call him, this is one huge canine!

2. Newfoundland

Speaking of the Newfoundland, we would be remiss to exclude this dog from our list. Here’s why: Newfoundlands have been known to weigh up to 260 pounds, with most dogs tipping the scales at 200 pounds. Females are a little lighter, but not by much. Although they’ve got a lot of extra bulk to carry around, Newfoundlands are surprisingly great at swimming.

3. Kangal

A close cousin of the English Mastiff is the Kangal. Hailing from Turkey, you can see a lot of the similarities if you look at these two dogs side by side. They’re both often brown with black details at the head or face, and they also possess that long, curly tail. Another way these two are so alike? Their gigantic sizes, of course!

4. Komondor

The unique, scraggly Komondor is often likened to a mop, and with good reason. It has light off-white dreadlocked fur throughout its body. While it is adorable, this Hungarian dog is also quite large. Male Komondors are often 130 pounds and grow nearly 32 inches, while females can surpass 100 pounds and sprout almost 30 inches! You need to make sure you can take care of and detox this giant!

5. Perro de Presa Canario

The “canary catch dog,” as they’re called in their native Spain, may not be on your radar yet, but if you like big dogs, it should be. The Perro de Presa Canario was the best-kept secret in the Canary Islands, but now this dog is becoming more widely available along with being known as one of the largest dogs alive. With their massive frame and salt and pepper fur, they’d make a great companion.

6. Scottish Deerhound

Scottish Deerhounds are designed to take down red deer, which means they have to be about the size of a fully-grown deer. They are, and then some. The height range for this pup is between 28 inches for females and 32+ inches for males. Oh, and their average weight is about 100 pounds. Make sure your Scottish Deerhound doesn’t knock you down when excitedly greeting you! It can totally happen.

7. Borzoi

If you’ve ever seen a Borzoi before, trust us, you’d remember it. This exceedingly tall dog has skinny limbs, a thick neck, a tiny head, and a back that almost has a hump to it. Just because they’re a little funny-looking doesn’t mean Borzois are pushovers, though. You wouldn’t want to cross one at the dog park due to their sheer size.

8. Neapolitan Mastiff

As scraggly as he is large, the Neapolitan Mastiff is a strange but loveable big dog. With excessive loose skin as their defining feature, these dogs tend to have smart brains behind all those skin folds. Not only that, but females can weigh 130 pounds and males up to 155 pounds, so they’re great family dogs through and through.

9. Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog, as you may have guessed from the name, has a lot in common with the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog we covered above. For instance, they both call Switzerland their homes. They’re also both hardy dogs that can handle long treks on mountain regions. Bernese Mountain Dogs stand out for their long, wavy untamed fur.

10. St. Bernard

Our final contender for the largest dog breed is the St. Bernard, an absolute beast of a dog. This is another breed contented with mountainous terrain. Their bodies are built to withstand tough conditions, as some can weigh nearly 300 pounds and grow 36 inches high. Found in the Swiss Alps in Italy, these furry pups would require quite a large water bowl if you’re thinking of adopting one. We wish you luck traveling doggy style with this loyal and large furry friend.

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