Bizarre Dog Breeds

Top 10 Most Bizarre Dog Breeds

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When it comes to own a pet, the first animal that came to our mind is the dog. Dogs have gained much popularity because of their loyal nature and innocence. However, choosing the correct pet for your home can put you in big trouble. Dogs appear in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and temperaments. Some dog breeds are restricted to some specific purposes. These dogs are expected to help with work, such as herd dogs, hunter dogs, and guard dogs. When you think of having a pet, you need to understand various animal information, based on which you can decide which animal you would like to have as your pet. You can also try to get an ESA Letter for when you choose of these doggies.

Most of us are familiar with standard dog breeds, which are already known to be knowledgeable and social with humans. Along with their friendly nature, you might be aware of various issues associated with dogs. Here, we will discuss some unusual or bizarre dog breeds in the world. Many of you might recognize some of them, but others are either few in numbers or new as breeds and yet not classified.  

Below are the ten most unusual dog breeds-

  • Komondor-
Bizarre Dog Breeds

The Komondor dog breed originally belongs to Hungary. It is a vast breed that can grow up to 13 inches when grown fully. Komondor looks enormous because of its colossal coat, which is the thickest on a dog in the world. He is the dog with the most extended hair that looks like the world’s most giant dust mop. This weird dog breed has strands that even hang down over his eyes, making people wonder how he can see when we cannot see his eyes through his coats. 

  • Bedlington Terrier-

The breed is named after Bedlington (England) from where it is originated. From seeing at a distance, the dog can look like a baby sheep. The dog is similar to a standard poodle; however, the grey hair is as thick as sheep’s wool, and tight curls known for being hypoallergenic. The breed is considered unusual because of his appearance, which looks like a sideways S with a curvy outline. 

  • Puli-

The Puli stands third in the list of bizarre dog breeds. He has a Jamaican styled hair that fuzzes outwards and descending to appear him look like a cask held up by four short legs. The Puli breed originated in Hungary and was bred to become a working dog and assist in the herding of livestock. The coat of this dog looks pretty cool, but they are highly water-resistant. 

  • Russian Borzoi-

As the name of the breed quickly suggests that the dog is originated in Russia. The Russian Borzoi has a body shape similar to a greyhound but has a unique coat that is sleek on top, which gets thicker and curlier, reaching the belly and legs. These dogs are recognized for their stubbornness and independence. Russian Borzoi is an energetic dog who loves to chase small animals.

  • Brussels Griffon-

Brussels Griffon, also known as Griffon Bruxellois, originated from the Brussels city of Belgium. There are three types of dog breed which only differ by their fur colors. Brussels Griffon is considered as an unpopular dog breed. The species had a dreadful time during world war I and II. Although uncommon, these dogs have a heart filled with love and affection and make a special bond with humans.

  • Neapolitan Mastiff-

Neapolitan mastiff is a violent looking ancient dog that originated in Italy. This large, healthy, and unusual-looking dog breed can weigh up to 70 kg. Although terrible looking dog, Neopolitan mastiff is protective and are considered as guard dogs. When trained well, the dog can easily chew away, bulls, bears, and even jaguars. After being so strong and fierce, these dogs fall under the category of bizarre dog breeds because of their loose skin that hangs mainly on their face. 

  • Lowchen-

Löwchen is a small dog breed from medieval France and Germany and known by the name little long dog. However, some consider this dog breed as a toy breed. Lowchen dogs are very few in numbers, and only a hundred seen each year worldwide. However, the healthy and friendly dog of this breed date backs to 1442. 

  • Mexican hairless dog-

Also known as Xolo, the Mexican hairless dog is the wired and strange dog breed. The dog is a symbol of club Tijuana which a Mexican professional football club. The history of these dogs dates back to over 3500 years ago. The breed was known to scarify and was buried with their owners. However, these are highly intelligent and energetic dogs that possess excellent hunting skills. 

  • Pumi-

Pumi, also referred to as Hungarian Herding Terrier, Pumi, is a medium-sized sheepdog who belongs to Hungary. However, named Hungarian Terrier, Pumi is not at all related to a terrier dog breed. These dog breeds are quick and alert and only look like a terrier dog. This dog breed’s ancestral is believed to be migrated with the Magyars between china and the Caspian Sea around 800 AD. This dog is unknown outside Hungary except for Sweden and Finland. 

  • Chinese Crested Dog-

Chinese crested dog has no fur on their body except their forehead, ears, and tail. Two dog breeds fall in this category, with and without hair. These are small hairless dog breeds who are originated from China, Great Britain, and Mexico. However, these dogs are initially known to be introduced in Africa and were known as African Hairless Terrier. The Chinese crested dog breed is friendly and is non-aggressive around children. 

one of the most Bizarre Dog Breeds


All the dog breeds mentioned above may not be familiar with all humans; some of you might have heard about some of them. These dog breeds are listed in the bizarre dog breeds category because of their unusual body shape or unique features. These breeds are not likely to be preferred as pets than the standard dog breeds residing in numbers worldwide. However, this does not mean that somebody cannot keep the dog mentioned above as a pet. There might be some humans who already had them in their families. But whenever you think of having any dog breed as your pet, you need to know about their behavior as even some small dog breeds are known to exhibit little dog syndrome, which can lead you and your family in harmful situations.

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