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Important Information To Know When Traveling With Your Pit Bull

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1.   Use BSL Resources to Determine Your Route

Since the Breed Specific laws vary from one place to the other, you should familiarize yourself with the BSL resources. These maps show you:

  • Where the Pit bulls are banned
  • Where they are declared dangerous
  • Jurisdictions with additional restrictions for these dogs
  • Places where the BSL was rejected, among others.

With this information, you can determine the route that you will be following and places where you can rest in the evening. There are several maps you can use in the U.S. and Canada. However, these dogs are banned in Ontario, Canada.

2. Protect Your Dog and Yourself From Breed Discriminations Regulations

Before you decide to spend the night or travel through a particular region, make sure you understand the region’s specific laws. Does your Pit Bull require to be muzzled or meet other requirements in certain areas? Can you spend the night with your pet? Is your Pit Bull allowed to stop for potty breaks?

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3. Find a Hotel to Spend the Night

There are numerous hotels in Pit Bull-friendly towns that have restrictions against pets in general. Some hotels have rules against Pit Bulls. So, make sure you find hotels that are Pit Bull friendly before you leave your home. Don’t forget to carry the paperwork that confirms your pooch’s DNA, if your dog is a hybrid.

4. Avoid All the Places Where Pit Bulls Are Banned

As much as you will want to avoid all the towns that have BSLs, there are some towns that you must pass through. Consider the places with additional restrictions for Pit Bulls when mapping your route and avoid areas that have banned this dog breed. Make sure you understand the restrictions. If the place can allow your dog to have his potty breaks, then you can pass through there, but don’t spend a night in these towns.    

5. Never Leave Him in Your Car

When driving with your Pit Bull, you should find several ways to keep him occupied or busy in the car. You can carry his favorite toys, food bowl, and a doggy bed. This way, he will feel comfortable and relax the whole drive. However, you should never leave him alone in the car, even if you have to run to the store for a cold drink. So, make sure you get a super-strong leash for Pit Bull. The leash can help you keep him near you when you are out in public.

6. Don’t Let Him Stick His Head Out the Window

Whether you are driving or traveling by bus, you should never allow your dog to stick his head out the window of a moving vehicle. Small particles can fly into his ears and end up causing an infection. Debris from the road can fly into his eyes and hurt him. If he has natural Pit Bull ears, then his ears can flip in the wind, which is quite dangerous. The flapping of his ears against the head can result in his ear flaps swelling. Scar tissue can also form in his ears, which can damage his ears permanently.

7. Check Airline Rules

If you plan on flying to your destination, then you should check the airline regulations and rules. Remember, all airlines including United Airlines have rules, which can be changed from time to time. In fact, Delta Airlines banned Pit Bull from its flights in June 2018. The company has even outlawed service Pit Bulls from their aircraft.

8. Get Him the Right Crate

If you are lucky enough and manage to get a flight that can accommodate the two of you, you should start looking for a crate. Airlines are becoming more unfriendly for dog owners and their pets; therefore, there is a huge probability that they have updated their crate requirements. The requirements of the crate you used in your last trip might have changed. So check their guidelines for the right type of crate. 

9. Consider Dog Courier Services 

If you don’t find airlines that can accommodate your Pit Bull, then your next option should be pet courier services. Pet Courier Service companies specialize in transporting pets, and this includes Pit Bulls. These firms will purchase a crate for your dog, handle documentation, and even designate someone to check on your Pit Bull while in transit. The only disadvantage of this idea is that you won’t be on the same flight as your pet.

10. Get a Health Certificate

Even though some states won’t ask for a health certificate, it is always good to have your Pit Bull checked. Check your destination and find out the number of checkups they need. And then, take your dog to the vet and have him checked within ten days of your flight. Confirm if he has gotten all his shots and get some medical records to prove it.

Final Thoughts

Traveling with a Pit Bull can be quite challenging, and without the right preparation, you might end up cancelling your flight. Or the entire trip even if you are driving to your destination. Remember, knowing the Pit Bull rules, means of transportation, and location can make your trip worthwhile. And as much as many countries and even several American states have banned Pit Bulls in 

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