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Important Tips When Traveling With Your Dog

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Dog sedatives when flying in plane is acceptable. Sedatives have been utilized for years in reducing nervousness and calming pets. What’s more, they have been utilized to reduce the fear that usually develops while traveling. Sedatives, on the other hand, are typically utilized to calm fearful dogs. 

But for safety precautions, we highly recommend that you consult a veterinarian before using a dog sedative for travel. 

Nevertheless, would you like to learn more about the best sedatives for traveling dogs? If yes, then read on. 

The 4 Different Dog Sedatives for Traveling 

  1. Acepromazine

It’s the most commonly prescribed sedative for dogs that are traveling. Acepromazine belongs to the class of phenothiazine and primarily works by blocking the dopamine receptors in the brain, thus depressing a certain brain function. 

However, the acepromazine tablet has a wildly variable effect on various dogs. Some might not look like sedated while others are laid, even though they consumed the same dosage of the drug. What’s more, the duration of effect may be difficult to predict and inconsistent. 

So instead of using tablets, it is best that you use the shot of injectable and liquid form of acepromazine between the cheek and gums of your dog. The medication will be then absorbed through the oral mucous membrane and offer more reliable sedation. 

  • Aromatherapy

When it comes to the environment of dogs, the scent is actually a big factor since their sense of smell is good. Sprays that mimic dog pheromones will remind the dog that is traveling of their nursing and mothers. In fact, it is an extremely soothing experience. 

When choosing a scent, you should opt for Egyptian geranium, lavender, or chamomile for better results. 

  • Treats

Treats can be also used as a great sedative when you are travelling with a dog. Chewable goods or treats that are healthy and developed by a holistic veterinarian are proven effective before stressful events like an airplane ride and thunderstorm. 

  • Natural Dog Sedatives for Travel

There plenty of natural sedatives that can be administered to travelling dogs. You can give these sedatives to your dog directly and or mix them into regular meals. The most popular natural dog sedatives of travel are valerian and passionflower.  

Valerian is an herbal sedative that is proven effective in treating dogs with anxiety. Keep in mind that traveling with such a dog can be very difficult If you are planning to travel with your dog via plane, you should use valerian a couple of times a day to reduce the anxiety for your pet. 

“ Packing wise is essential while traveling with a dog” 

Passionflower, on the other hand, is anti-spasmodic, a mild sedative, and pain reliever. It is also ideal for dogs that are stressed out. Typically, passionflower is utilized before a dog board an airplane and helps in a calmer flight for the dogs. 

Another great thing about passionflower is that you will be able to brew tea not only for your dog but for yourself as well. 

There you have it the four sedatives that you can use when travelling with a dog on a plane. 

A great sedative besides the ones mentioned above is care. This chemical will not make your dog high; instead it will help the body in creating more serotonin. In case you didn’t know, more serotonin will mean lesser anxiety and stress which is ideal for a comfortable and stress-free plane ride. 

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