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Top essential oils to use on your dogs and why it’s important

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The health of our pets is of utmost importance to us. While regular health products can be beneficial and necessary at times, it is also possible to look to more natural means to keep your pets in good health.

Essential oils have many benefits and when used correctly, can be very helpful in contributing to a healthy life for your pet. It is important to do your research and make sure that any oil you choose is safe for your dog. Also, be sure to properly dilute the oil for any topical application. Keep in mind where the oil is being applied to ensure your dog isn’t able to lick it since some oils are poisonous if swallowed. Many oils have wonderful effects when applied topically. Some may even be safe to administer orally, but should never be done so without the recommendation and guidance of your vet. Check on the proper method for using the oil, since a diffusion may be sufficient to see the benefits. Essential oils are highly concentrated and potent substances that can be harmful if not used properly. Make sure you select a therapeutic grade product from a reputable and trustworthy source. Check out some common essential oils below that may help you keep your furry friend in optimal health.


Oil of oregano has quite a few benefits for your pet. Oregano oil is a very beneficial oil with numerous properties. These properties can make this oil a good, natural option for your pet.


Lavender is a gentle oil with a pleasant fragrance. It can be used to promote sleep and to calm an over-excited or anxious dog.

Carrot Seed

A wonderful oil for skin conditions in carrot seed oil. It is quite gentle and can be used to help in reducing appearance of minor skin irritations.


Geranium, or a rose geranium oil, is a good choice to use as a natural way to repel insects.


Another good calming oil for your pet is camomile. It can be used to help with minor skin irritations. Camomile is a useful remedy for an upset stomach.

Clary Sage

An effective oil to use to help combat stress issues is clary sage. This gentle oil has a strong calming effect. 


Frankincense is another good oil for skin issues. Frankincense is also an effective cleansing oil. It can be used for improved mood.


Valerian oil also helps to lift the mood for a sad and mopey dog. It can help with emotional distress and nervousness. Valerian is also useful for minor skin issues.


Ginger is a good option for stomach upset. It can help with joint issues by massaging the oil on pets. 


Cedarwood oil is an effective natural pest repellent. It can also be used to help create a relaxing environment.

Keep in mind that all pets are unique and what is safe or tolerated by one animal may not be good for another. Start slowly when using essential oils. Dilute properly according to your dog’s weight and use sparingly until you determine if your dog will react favorably. Remember that these oils are highly concentrated and their very strong smell may be unpleasant or even harmful for your dog. Trust your dog’s instincts. If your pet seems adverse to an essential oil, don’t use it. Also, allow for a way for your pet to leave the room to escape the smell if necessary when you are using a room diffuser. Using an unsafe essential oil can have many negative effects so always consult with your vet or other knowledgeable professional before trying out any alternative therapies on your pet. 

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