Top Tips to make your dog walk fun

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You love your dog. They are your lifeline. You take care of their food, comfort, and health. If you are a dog parent, you are already aware that dogs need walks. It’s the best form of exercise they can get. Science confirms that it gives dogs a chance to burn off energy and stay healthy. That’s not all! The same activity makes your dog happy. 

But if you aim to assert your position as a pack leader, it will only get boring. Dog runs should be fun where you and your dog get time to make the bonding strong. If you are shaking your head and are wondering what you can do to help them burn off energy and build skills, convert your dog runs into “activity walks.” 

Here are the top tips to make your dog walk exciting and fun. Without further ado, let’s spice it up right away. Before that, you must take care of one thing.

Take care of safety measures

Whether you have a pup or a trained dog, taking care of them is of utmost importance. This is why leashes, collars, and taking your food and water bowls are necessary so that they don’t run into any life-threatening situations when you are out on a walk.

Ideally, you can get these accessories quickly on online marketplaces like Make sure you get the one that’s suitable for your dog. Comfort, materials, affordability should be the primary factors when choosing one for your dog. Once you have all the necessary safety measures intact, this is how you can spice up the dog walking time. 

Let your pooch guide you 

Why should humans have all the fun? What if your dog is whispering this? Honestly, your dog might be only happy to have you by their side. But why not let your pooch be the navigator for once. It is a fun activity where you will “follow your dog.” So, you aren’t taking your standard route anymore. Instead, you allow your dog to lead the way. Just be prepared to lead yourself to the trees where their favorite squirrels’ are there.

Who knows, you might be hanging around every fire hydrant around your block. Wherever you might reach, it is a great way to make a monotonous walking routine exciting. It will give your dog a chance to show you what interests them. It will give them some freedom to do something, which isn’t usually the case for pets. 

Let your dog sniff around

Walking is a great physical exercise for your dog. But if you can’t keep your dog mentally stimulated, it will result in an issue after some time. This is why you must let your dog sniff around. When you do so, you allow them to lead a life of enjoyment, their inherent nature. Contrary to that, it might impact their socialization, training, and well-being. 

Even researchers and professionals confirm that if you let your dog sniff around, it will help them create pathways in their brain which relax them. In fact, this is a skill that allows them to be a dog. So, using your dog walking session as a sniffing time will give them some happy moments. For instance, you can stop after every 2 feet and allow them to have sniff breaks. Who knows, they might find a treasure? Just kidding!

Go to your local park

If walking around the neighborhood is your everyday routine, you can break the monotony by taking another route. And nothing can be more fun than going for a short trip to a local park. But make sure you opt for a dog-friendly park or trail. 

You can explore the new trail to get plenty of nature to look around. The new site and smells will make it quite an appealing trip for your dog. If you don’t know any dog-friendly walking trails or parks, you can also Google for the same. 

However, you must ensure a few things to avoid any challenges whenever you do so. 

  • ● Make sure you keep an eye on your dog no matter how tempting social media is for you. 
  • ● Try to introduce your dog gradually so that it doesn’t cause any disturbance or get fearful.
  • ● If you own a small dog, try to find a space where there are smaller dogs so that they can have fun playing together. 
  • ● For more safety, you can also opt for dog shoes to protect their paws from any harmful objects.

Bring some treats and make a game out of it

You might wonder if it’s even worth it. Well! It will be if you use treats in the right way. Using treats can help you reinforce your dog’s behavior. Your dog will follow you around, and by doing so, you can easily avoid any accidents, even if there is wildlife running around. More than that, you can make walking completely fun. 

You have to convert it into a “find it” game session. This will encourage your dog to sniff around. Thus, making the experience enriching and engaging. You can also use the same to lure your dog to do things that they usually say “no.” The more you can make it fun. The more your dog will be up for treasure hunts or games. If your dog feels a bit scared, you can again use treats to push them to try new things and be playful positively.


Unfortunately, everyone thinks about the human definition whenever someone talks about dog-walks. However, it’s not about brisk walking. It’s about having a good time. This is why you must think about walks that your dog would love. This is why you must slow down and let them have a “smell walk.” Doing this will give your dog a chance to have fun the way they like instead of forcing things your way. 

Just remember, you don’t have to do it every day. But consistency is essential. So, try these new ways while ensuring the safety of your four-legged pooch. And then you can brag about having a happy dog forever. So, are you all set to make your dog walk fun?