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Dirty nails are outright unhygienic, not just for us but also for our furry best friends. When dogs’ nails grow too long, they can cause innumerable problems, some of which include infections and discomfort. 

Nails that grow too long make walking uncomfortable for your dog, as they press down the nail bed, causing pain. They could also curve over and grow into the footpad, which could cut your dog’s skin, paving the way for infections. As if that’s not bad enough, they also split faster than short nails, again causing pain for our adorable companions. The list of problematic long nails is really endless, and to preserve your dog’s health, ensure the nails are clipped. Besides the hygiene aspects, nail trimming is part of good grooming!

Types of Dog Nail Trimmers

While you could hire a professional pet groomer, teaching yourself how to trim your dog’s nails is more convenient, considering it should be repeated after every fortnight. Besides, it’s an excellent way to create some quality grooming bonding time for you and your pet. 

The two main types of tools for dog nail clipping are guillotine and scissor clippers. Here are directions on how to use each:

Scissor Clippers:

These are suitable for larger dog breeds and ideal if you practically have zero experience in nail clipping as they tend to cut the nail in a safe, smooth motion. Most also come with a quick guard that protects your dog’s skin from injury. 

To use them, simply secure your dog to avoid unnecessary movement that may lead to injury. You should then squeeze the middle pad to bring forth one toe as you hold the paw in a firm position. Ensure that you spot the nail outline, after which you should set the quick guard. From here, simply place the nail through the scissor opening and cut.

Guillotine Clippers:

These, on the other, and are suitable for small and medium-sized breeds. Like a tiny guillotine used in paper cutting, they slice a nail’s end by placing it on a firm surface. You should secure the dog’s nail, place it through the guillotine opening, and gently squeeze the nail. These are easy to use for experienced people but could easily crush the dog’s nail when inappropriately used, which causes infection. 

Best Dog Nail Trimmers

Besides the two types, we have prepared a list of the best dog nail trimmers in the market to ensure dog grooming is fast, fluid, and safe. There are indeed many brands to choose from, but following the ideal CSS dog clip criteria, which is: Comfort for your dog, Sharp and durable blade, Safety, here are the topmost choices:

1. Epica Professional Pet Nail Clippers

When going for an easy, fluid, and painless trim, these are the ultimate clippers. They cut the nail in a fluid clean motion, eliminating the need for a nail file after cutting. They are of the scissor-type and have a super-sharp stainless-steel blade. Besides this, their handles are rubber coated, which makes the hand’s grip firm. As if that’s not impressive enough, these clippers lock when closed, to avoid injury to kids who may be in the house and possess a quick guard as well.

These Epica clippers are the epitome of safety and efficiency when it comes to dog nail clipping. All you have to do is choose between a small-medium size or a medium-large size depending on the size of your dog, then cut your dog’s nails as per the process as instructed there before. You could also cut them in small increments to ensure maximum safety, especially when you’re new to this.

2. Millers Forge Nail Clippers

It’s also a popular brand, renowned for its durability and high quality. They are suitable for dogs of about 40lbs. The clipper possesses super-sharp blades and is of the scissor type. If you own a dog fond of playing in grass and mud, these are the perfect air of clippers. The sharp blade is able to cut through tough, dirty nails quickly and effectively. It, however, has no anti-grip rubber on the handle or quick guard, making it ideal for people with experience in dogs’ nail cutting.

3. Resco Original Deluxe Clippers

You’ve probably heard of the Resco brand in grooming products, and even in nail clipping, they’ve not been left behind. These are of the guillotine-style type and possess a steel micro-honed blade that is likewise sharp and easy to clean. The handles also have powdered coated handles for grip. Their downside is the lack of quick guard, which means they are better suited for experienced folk. The dog breeds suited by these ones are giant breeds, like Great Danes or Saint Bernards.

4. Safari Professional Nail Trimmer

These come in two sizes, one for medium breeds and another for giant breeds. They are effective even with the toughest nails due to their sharp blade. They also have an anti-grip mechanism and locking technique when not in use.

The non-slip handles are covered with quality rubber to ensure your hands don’t slip while you cut your pet’s nails, and each pressure delivers a clean, precise cut. The locking mechanism provided prevents accidental cuts that could potentially cause bleeding and make your dog nervous.

5. GoPets Nail Clippers

Made of high quality 3.5 mm stainless steel, the GoPets Nail Clipper offers perfectly honed edges for precise and clean nail trimming. In fact, the company claims that its sharpness will remain intact even after years of regular use. But despite all the promises, this nail clipper is not suitable for large dogs with tough nails and that for them, it is essential to opt for a slightly stronger nail clipper.

The GoPets nail clipper, like all the other options mentioned, has a rubberized handle to provide the necessary grip and comfort. It is also equipped with a locking mechanism so that the blades are always in the closed position when not in use. In addition, it comes with a built-in nail file to help you effortlessly smooth out rough nail edges.


Choosing the best clipper for your dog ultimately comes down to your dog’s size, your own experience, and the clippers’ effectiveness. Whichever of these you choose, we’re sure that your dog will be safe, and the nails will be cut in a swift comfortable motion!

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