Tracking Devices for Pets: Smart Solution or Excessive Protection? 

In Emotional Support Animal by Emotional Pet Support Team

Guest post: Most pet owners melt down and can’t think of carrying on if their pet goes off the reservation and wanders off. Significant rewards are paid and a lot of time goes in finding the lost pet. All of this is done even when there is another quick solution. Tracking your pet’s movement with a smart device can help in many ways than one. Find out more about this smart solution and why it is important.

Tracking newly adopted pets

Nothing stings more than going to work and leaving your pet home and returning to see that there’s nobody in the house. This mostly happens to new pets, both cats and dogs, that have not adjusted well in their new owner’s home. If you have adopted a new feline friend, buying a cat GPS tracker for your pet might be the best investment. 

The tracker can remain on the pet even after it has adjusted since it has other benefits. If you have started investing in pet training, a tracker is critical. It is also very important if you have started being emotionally attached to the pet.

Assessing a puppy’s activity

Some pet owners want to make their pups more active in their prime to familiarize themselves with tasks such as running and fetching the ball. Pet owners that live in smaller apartments without big backyards might like to assess how active their puppy is. 

A pet tracker, in this case, doubles down as an activity tracker, just like how a Fitbit counts the steps you have taken. With a tracker, you can know exactly how far to take your puppy on a walk since you’re aware of its activity throughout the day. This can also help you recognize if your pup is sick if it hasn’t been active like other days.

Allowing your pet to explore the surroundings

Pets are naturally curious. Allowing them to find things out for themselves is beneficial for their growth and development. However, this is hard if you fear that your pet might never be seen again once you’ve let go of the leash. With a tracker, you can allow your cat or dog to go off-leash and explore the surroundings without losing track of him/her. 

Perhaps you can go to a big fenced park and take off the leash to let the pup take itself on a walk. While it takes a walk, you could be reading a book or catching up on some work sitting on a bench.

Monitoring guard dogs

For some homes, guard dogs are the first line of defense. Without guard dogs, burglars would have a field day. As a result, having guard dogs on standby and on-premise is more important than anyone could imagine for some homeowners. Putting a tracker on them can help notify you whenever they are wandering off or escaping in some crafty way. 

Additionally, you will even know the exact location to find them if they have wandered off. Some guard dog owners are not aware that their dogs wander off during the day while they are in the office or out of home for some other reason. Having a tracker can help you be in the loop of your dog’s surroundings.

Addressing pet theft 

Pet theft can be quite serious in some neighborhoods. It could be for any reason – someone could steal your pet with intent to break in or just because they have sentimental reasons. Whatever the case may be, they are not entitled to owning a pet they never formally adopted.

Buying a pet tracker can help address this type of pet theft and even provide proof of your ownership of the pet. If the pet has a tracker linked to your device, this serves as airtight proof that it belongs to you.

The bottom line

A pet tracker is not excessive or unnecessary. It is an important gadget for every pet owner. With it, you can monitor guard dogs remotely, daily patterns can be set more efficiently, and can help find stolen pets. At the same time, you can use the GPS device as an activity tracker. Your pets can also be more active and aware of their surroundings by allowing them to wander off without a leash in a GPS tracker-controlled environment.