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Below is our Emotional Pet Support video. It features a boy who struggled through life, but explains how his parrot helped him during his troubling past. Emotional support animals can be any kind of animal, there is no animal type limitation, nor is there any animal breed limitation. From dogs and cats to guinea pigs and parakeets, these domestic animals can adequately and uniquely serve and fulfill their purpose. Each and every day we do our best to help keep people with their pets because we know how hard it can be sometimes. Tragic events, job losses, immense stress from college, break-ups, financial troubles, all of these and more can cause intense distress to individuals and instead of medication, a good companion animal can help.

When choosing an emotional support animal, it’s important to keep in mind what kind of animal appeals to you in general. If it’s a dog or a cat, or even a  hamster, it has to be something that you feel you can go to and rely upon calm down with, or have fun with. This is the purpose of an ESA, and the basic, but powerful bond between a pet and a human has more beneficial effects than medication ever can offer.

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