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Pets are our feline buddies that make our lives less stressful and help us cheer for a while. The feeling of coming back home and see your pet waiting for you or come running wagging their tail is priceless. One out of five houses in the U.S has a pet. The most common pets we see in our surroundings are dogs and cats. Their owners take them out for a walk, take care of their food, health, and other necessities. Having a pet is no less than looking after a baby. They demand extra care as a pup or kitten and your time to train them. 

If you happen to visit your friends who are pet owners, you must have brought some of their pet’s fur back home. Cats and dogs are known for their thick hair coat that adds to their beauty. They also shed hair often that can be a nuisance for pet owners. To overcome this issue, they opt to groom their pets at home once or twice a week. Those pet owners who are busy cannot find time to groom their pets independently book a slot with a professional pet groomer. 

Pet grooming is another booming business, as many pet owners prefer their pets to get professional grooming. Many pet groomers prefer dogs to groom as they often need grooming more than cats. Cats are tidier and clean as compared to dogs. These groomers also have dog grooming insurance to avoid any mishaps like getting injured while grooming the pet or any other issue. The following tips can help pet groomers to stay safe while grooming pets and avoid contracting any infection. 

  1. Let them trust you

Animals or pets are mostly attached to their owners, and upon seeing a new face, they might get alert. It is a typical response of every pet towards a stranger. If you are a groomer, you are well aware that you cannot directly get them on the grooming table. Doing so might get you some scratches by the pet as the reaction of fear. It is always essential to talk to pets, dogs are usually friendly, and cats are not grumpy. Letting the pets know that you mean no harm will make them comfortable, and they will get through their grooming process with comfort. 

  • Do not groom if they don’t want

Pets are more like kids. They can resist the grooming if they don’t feel like it. If you continue grooming them while resisting, they might scratch you or try to escape the salon. If you experience such resistance, get them some treats or toys to play with for a while and return to grooming them while they are busy playing or feeling happy. Pets can quickly get aggressive, which might turn into a not so good situation for the groomer as they are in close contact with the pet. 

  • Check for vaccines or wounds.

When you make an appointment for grooming, ask the owners about their pet vaccination. These vaccines not only prevent pets from diseases, but they can also control their transmission. If you notice an open wound on the pet, it is wise not to groom them or get it in contact with water. The open wounds are home to microbes and other infections that can affect the pet and the groomer. Contact their owner if they have failed to notice the wound and ask a vet for immediate help. 

  • Clip their nails first

Before you can start bathing or grooming the fur, the best thing to do is clipping their nails. Their nails are the tools to damage your skin and pave the way for infections. You won’t always face such hurdles while grooming a dog, but a cat might not be as cooperative as a dog. They often end up clawing the person next to them out of fear. If you want to protect yourself from scratches, it is ideal for clipping their nails. 

  • Use cage dryers

Cats or dogs can both get afraid of a hair dryer’s noise. Their heavy fur cannot dry on its own and will take hours to dry, making the pet sick. If you notice that the cat or dog is freaking out upon hearing the dryer noise, try to use cage dryers. These are noiseless dyers attached to the cage that aid the drying of pet enclosed in an enclosure. Pets often feel safe in closed spaces. To make them feel safe and dry their fur, you can get them into cages with dryers.


Grooming a pet is exciting, and getting to see their new outlook not only makes the groomer feel happy and the pet owner. If you are new to pet grooming, try to get hands-on training about how to groom pets. Learn the ways to make a pet comfortable while you are dealing with the pet at your salon. In case you get an abrasion or a cut while grooming, keeping the first-aid kit handy will help you bandage the wound and prevent it from further damage. Taking precautionary measures and having insurance can keep you away from many troubles. 

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