Ways You Can Better Protect Your Pet And Keep It Safe

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One of the most fulfilling things in life is to care for a dog, no matter what breed that dog is. The love that your canine buddy can give is invaluable and pure. Yes, it really is a life-changing experience. However, having a dog (or pretty much any kind of pet) takes a lot of responsibility.

In this article, we are going to share with you the steps on how to be just that: a responsible dog owner that provides a lot of care and attention to his dog to ensure their pet’s well-being. Let’s get started!

Microchipping Your Dog

A pet microchip is a small computer microchip with the size of a grain of rice. This chip should contain your updated contact information and address. 

It is already required in some countries which is why your puppy might be chipped already before you even take him home. Don’t worry, the procedure doesn’t hurt. In fact, it doesn’t even require a syringe. It is inserted with a handheld gun-like tool reminiscent of the device used for ear piercing and usually “shot” into the neck flaps.

Microchipping will ensure that if your dog does get lost, he can be scanned and returned to you promptly even if he loses his collar during his adventures.

Smart Pet-Friendly Security System 


However, one must remember that microchipping is only a safety measure that will allow impounding agencies to return your dog to you if they find him. It won’t protect your dog from getting run over by a vehicle, from getting bitten by other dogs, or worse, from hurting other people.

This is the reason why it’s still best to have security measures that will prevent your dog from getting out of your property in the first place. 

The best way to do this is to install a smart pet-friendly security system that can keep your pet inside yet allow him to get outside in case of an emergency (like a fire). However, your system must also be able to determine the difference between a burglar and your dog, in case someone attempts to invade your home through your pet’s door. 

Don’t forget to install carbon monoxide and smoke alarms inside your house as well.

Remove Physical Hazards

Speaking of carbon monoxide, there are other toxic chemicals that might be lurking in your home in plain sight, such as your make-up, grooming items, prescription meds, cleaning solutions, and even chocolate!

Make sure that your home is dog-proof by securing electric cords, keeping garbage cans sealed, and more. 

Don’t forget to check your garage and backyard as well. It can be easy to overlook power tools that haven’t been put away properly, and plants that can prove toxic when chewed on.


Aside from safety from physical harm, another factor that can ensure your dog’s wellness is his health and it all starts with how groomed he is. Dirt, tangled fur, and overgrown nails can expose your pet to a lot of health risks and injuries. 

You can always invest in your grooming gear such as:

  • Dog comb
  • Dog brush
  • Dog clippers
  • Dog nail clippers
  • Pet dryer
  • And more.

These are available as a set. Or better yet, you can always seek professional grooming services if you’re not confident in grooming your own pet just yet.



Further, ensure your pet’s health through regular vet visits and getting his vaccinations completed. These vaccines will give his body the immunity to resist various sicknesses that he might contract from both humans and other animals.

Here are three of the basic shots your puppy needs:

Bordetella Bronchiseptica

This is a highly infectious disease that your dog can get from other pets. It can cause coughing, vomiting, and in severe cases even seizures and death. 

Canine Distemper

Here’s another contagious disease that can be passed among dogs, but can also be contracted from wildlife such as raccoons and skunks. However, the main cause for concern is the fact that canine distemper still has no cure. 

One can only hope, that through vaccination, your pet will be able to develop immunity for it. 


Of course, there’s also dreaded rabies that can also be passed on through humans if we’re not careful. Rabies shots should be renewed annually to ensure both your pet and your family’s safety.

Regular Exercise

Finally, your pet’s immunity can’t simply be built on vaccines. Regular exercise is also required. It ensures not just the physical health of your pet but his mental stimulation and temperament as well. 

With the various factors that we have mentioned in this article combined, we’re sure that your canine buddy will lead a long, happy, and healthy life.

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