What is the Best Place to Keep Your Cat’s Litter Box?

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The best place for your cat’s litter box will typically be a quiet, easy-to-reach corner that offers as much privacy as possible. Cat owners don’t want to see or smell litter boxes so they may tuck them in places out of the way for their cats to use as needed. With this in mind, it’s also vital for the litter box location to be convenient for cleaning, so many cat owners keep boxes in the basement or laundry room. Here’s what to aim for when finding the best spot for a litter box.

1. Private Location

The best place for your cat’s litter box is a private one. This way, the cat has a safe place to do their business without worrying about being disturbed by bothersome humans or competing with other cats for access. If you have an extra bathroom or laundry room, this could be the perfect spot if you aren’t limited on space or have small children to keep from finding the box and playing in it. Kitchens and family rooms are generally not private enough for litter boxes, not to mention, they can make these rooms less inviting to your family and guests so avoid them at all costs.

2. Quiet Location

The next best thing to privacy is a quiet location. The litter box should be placed in a secluded corner or room away from the high-traffic areas of the house. Not only do you want to minimize disruptions to the cat, but you also want to minimize distractions to your family. You may consider placing the litter box in the basement if you have an active family. It is best to place the litter box away from washing machines, dryers, and furnaces. The noises from these appliances can make it hard for the cat to concentrate.

3. Spaces with Open Doors

Even if you have found the perfect spot for your litter box, the effort will only be well-spent if you remember to keep the doors of these rooms open and accessible. Cats are susceptible to smells, and if they smell the fresh scent of their toilet, they are more likely to go in the litter box instead of the floor or someplace even worse. Ensure your cats can always reach a litter box by keeping doors open.

4. Direct Access to the Litter Box

The last thing you want is for your cat to make a big detour every time they need to use the litter box, especially if your cat suffers from mobility issues. If litter boxes are placed in inconvenient spots, your cat may be less likely to seek out its litter box when it’s time to go. For young kittens or cats that are new to the family, you may even have to put the litter box right in the middle of the room, sacrificing privacy for convenience until they get more familiar with the layout. Stairs and countertops are not suitable places to keep your cat’s litter box because he or she might feel like they have to climb a mountain in order to relieve themselves.

5. Away from Food

Sometimes, cats will not use a litter box if their food is placed too close by. Although this can be more convenient for cat owners, it can be distasteful as well as an added distraction to your cat. If food and water are always in the same spot, away from the litter box, your cat will think twice before going to the bathroom anywhere but inside its designated space. Your cat’s only food and water source should be on a high shelf or countertop, in an area away from their litter box.

6. Use a Modern Litter Box

As much as you adore your feline family members, their litter boxes can be significant eyesores in your home. A modern cat litter box may prove to be a worthwhile investment, as these are designed to hide the litter box’s contents, contain odors, and look more flattering than a traditional litter box, all while giving your cat more privacy too. Some litter boxes even come with a self-cleaning feature that refreshes your cat’s litter periodically without having to do it yourself. 


These are some of the best tips for keeping litter boxes clean, convenient, and private for your feline friends. As you can infer, with your cat’s best interest and your family’s best interest in mind, the perfect place for a litter box will be away from humans and other distractions in a quiet, private location with easy access for when nature calls.

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