What to Do If Your Dog’s Coat Is Dry And Brittle?

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Every dog owner experiences coat problems with their dog at some point. There are many fur related problems found in dogs, but among them, a dry and brittle coat is the most common. If your dog’s coat is dry and brittle,you can spot it from the appearance of the coat and by touching your dog’s fur. An average healthy dog has shiny and smooth hair, so it is natural to panic after noticing changes in your dog’s coat. Usually, changes in your dog’s skin are temporary and can be corrected with a little care. In this article, we will tell you what your action plan should be if you notice that your dog’s coat has gotten dry and brittle.

Give Your Dog Supplements and Vitamins For Skin And Coat

Every dog owner wants to give their dog a complete diet. However, when dogs don’t get an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals, it can lead to dry and brittle coats. Giving your dog specially designed supplements and dog vitamins for skin and coat health is a great way to improve the quality of your dog’s fur. Dog vitamins and supplements from reputed companies such as International Veterinary Sciences can replenish any nutritional deficiencies in your dog that might be causing the dry coat. The vet recommended dog vitamins can be used alongside other supplements such as Omega-3 supplements to boost the quality of fur and help your dog recover from a dry and brittle fur. Make sure to consult with a trusted vet before giving your dog any supplements or vitamins to be on the safe side. Also, make sure the supplements you get are solely for dogs because there are many pet vitamins and supplements available in the market for different pet animals.

Get the Correct Type of Shampoo For Your Dog

Sometimes the shampoo you use for your dog’s hair can be the reason for your dog’s brittle and dry hair. If the shampoo you are bathing your dog with is made for humans, stop using it immediately. You can use regular shampoo if you don’t have special dog shampoo, but you can’t use human shampoos on your dog regularly. Human shampoos are made keeping human needs in view and they are too acidic for your dog’s skin and fur. So make sure that you are bathing your dog with a specially designed dog shampoo. Using a dog conditioner can also make your dog’s skin and furless dry.

Groom Your Dog’s Coat Regularly

Grooming is probably the most overlooked factor in dog care. Grooming can help your dog shed excess hair and it also allows your dog’s natural oils to get distributed evenly throughout the fur. Not to mention regular grooming prevents hairs from getting tangled, which is a major reason for brittle fur in dogs. While bathing is important, there too much bathing can be detrimentalto your dog’s coat. If your dog is being bathed too frequently, it’s skin can get dry,leading to a brittle and dry coat. So make sure you only wash your dog when your dog’s coat looks dirty, or there is an unpleasant smell coming from your dog. In case your traveling dog is undergoing treatment for a dry coat, your vet might ask you to bathe it more often as part of the treatment. However, in normal conditions, your dog doesn’t require more than one bath per month. 

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