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What You Should Know About Certifying an Emotional Support Dog

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These are some examples of things that a dog can improve but the list is endless and today it is increasingly common to see people who have already realized that their dogs make them feel better, safer, calmer and happier. Emotional support dogs help, for example, people who are afraid of flying in an airplane. Today almost all airlines in the world accept passengers accompanied by emotional support dogs on their flights because they know that they help them overcome their fear of flying. An emotional support dog does not need specific training like guide dogs or police dogs. In the United States, emotional support animals are recognized by law and you can certify your dog so that you can rent or live anywhere even if they have an anti-pet policy. This certification makes it clear that it is not your pet, but your help to overcome an emotional problem.
In order to register your dog, all you need is a letter from a mental health professional explaining that you need your dog by your side as it helps you with any emotional or mental health problem and sign accepting that your dog has basic training.
If you plan to travel with your dog, All airlines accept emotional support animals in the cabin.
In the US, there is the term “Emotional Support Animals”. They are dogs that do not necessarily have specific training, as therapy dogs receive: for a dog to be considered as an Emotional Support Animal, what is needed is to demonstrate that its presence is necessary for the mental health of its owner or for therapy. that you are following, as determined by a medical professional. The dog only needs to know how to behave in public and not be a nuisance or a threat to other people.
Getting your dog officially considered an Emotional Support Animal is accomplished through a letter from a mental health professional, a letter that must meet certain requirements.
From then on, among other issues, the law in the United States determines that these people have the right to travel with their dog by plane. The hounds go with their owners, in the cabin, without carrier and without weight restrictions. And they fly free.
Recently, criticisms of this system have started to be heard as more and more people fly with their dogs thanks to this regulation (an airline calculates that in their case up to 20,000 dogs a year).
And the problem, of course, is that it should not be excessively complicated to take advantage of this particular rule: according to the same article in the New York Times, there are psychotherapists who offer their services. EmotionalPetSupport is the industry leading company in the field of Emotional Support dogs.

ESA dog in a vest

You may have heard lately about emotional support dogs. This refers to any dog that helps its owner to cope or control an emotional problem such as depression, anxiety, fear or even problems to socialize.

There are also schools where they teach dogs – both assistance dogs and emotional support animals – to be comfortable in airports and on planes.

As complicated as it is to travel with a dog by plane in our country and with the little desire that most of us have to place our dogs in a carrier in a warehouse … I do not doubt that there would be lines at a few psychoanalysts and therapists to get the certificate.
In Spain, Iberia also takes this into account but OJO turns out that they only allow emotional support dogs on flights to or from the United States, in order to respect the regulations of this country. Until very recently, 2017, they did allow guide dogs, assistance dogs for deaf people and also “psychiatric or emotional support animals”, that is, dogs that are properly accredited “that offer therapeutic support to those who travel in the cabin. suffers from diagnosed psychological or emotional harm. ” Hence these photos of the dog of a well-known and ultra-dog decorator have unleashed real sighs of envy … and something else.
These ESAs, under American law, can go up for free with their owners on all forms of public transport, including airplanes. However, the rule allows airlines to limit conditions, such as prohibiting access to large animals, such as ponies, or potentially dangerous animals, such as snakes or spiders.
In order for a traveler to make the trip with his faithful companion, he or she must present the documentation that certifies that the company of his dog is needed.
Spanish airlines such as Iberia highlight in their regulations (available on their website) that they can only board travelers with emotional support animals when their destination is the United States and they have notified 48 hours in advance. In addition to the size and weight requirements, the company stresses that there must be “a special mental or emotional need recognized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or if the support animal is needed. emotional or psychiatric assistance to be able to travel by plane or to carry out some activity at your destination. “

Are There Multiple Types of ESAs?
Emotional support dogs or emotional support dogs are those dogs that help people with emotional problems and provide them, as the name implies, emotional support or support when they feel insecure in a specific context. However, emotional support does not need to come exclusively from a dog, so the correct term is Emotional Support Animal (E.S.A). In addition to dogs, there are all kinds of animals that can help their owners in stressful situations. There are from little pigs, cats, ducks and even turkeys.
In countries such as the United States, these animals are authorized to be close to their owners in any situation that the owner may cause stress, such as an airplane flight, the office or even school.
The most frequently asked question when it comes to these animals is whether they need to have any special training. The answer is that there is no “special training”, however, they should have training to obey the basic commands of their owner.
Emotional Support Dogs ARE NOT SERVICE DOGS. Service dogs are those that are specifically trained to do a task that their owner cannot do on his own.
To certify your dog as a support or emotional support animal, the first thing you need is a letter from a mental health professional where you are “prescribed” the company of an animal, as it is proven that this can help you feel better. After that, you should look for the body in charge of certifying them in your locality or country. With this, you will receive a credential that identifies them as emotional support animals.
So can any animal be emotionally supportive? Yes and no. Just remember that there is a huge dose of common sense to consider before certifying your dog. Do not lose sight of the goal of calming yourself down, making you feel more secure and happy.
Emotional support animals make it possible for many people with fear, anxiety, stress or other conditions to have happier lives, we do not abuse the privilege just because we want our dog not to travel on a carrier.
If you have an emotional support dog and feel that it can help you overcome your fear of getting on a plane, EmotionalPetSupport is a pet-friendly company that helps people who need emotional support animals to travel in the cabin of an aircraft as well as for housing.

Anyone with a mental illness can have an emotional support animal.
Although the most common types of emotional support animals are cats and dogs, any type of animal could qualify. To be able to say that it is an emotional support animal, the owner must have supporting documentation from a medical expert that explains the mental illness and the way the animal helps. This is necessary because, unlike other conditions that are evident, emotional support animals help people with conditions that do not usually have physical symptoms.
It is important to note that these animals are somewhat distinct from the term pets. Apartment owners cannot charge pet fees for emotional support animals, and airlines cannot charge anything extra for animals. Additionally, airlines must allow the animal to accompany the owner on the flight, unless the animal poses a risk. For example, snakes and spiders are not allowed because of the panic they could cause.

If you would like more information on certifying your dog, you can start here.

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