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What Your Dog’s Behavior Says About the Health

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As we humans tend to turn in a cranky being while we are sick, irritated and annoyed with almost everything around us. There are obvious changes in a human’s behavior while in a state of ill health, similarly animals show illness signs through their behavior, and that’s the only way to recognize it. 

If you have been living with a dog, you know there are certain behavior changes that it has gone through with growing age, but if you notice some unusual changes, they may be an indication of something wrong. 

As a professional dog poop scooper , we know that if the color of dog poop changes then it’s also an indication of disease in a dog. But obviously it’s not possible for you to keep track of every single activity of your pet. Here we provide you with full guidance regarding your pet’s poop & behavior too. 

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Here are some common signs that you can keep a check on for monitoring your pets health. 

  1. Excessive urination or drinking 

Excessive urination or drinking water is a common sign of illness in dogs. This can be due to kidney or liver disease, note that these are just common assumptions, nothing definite, if you note any of these signs you must consult your vet immediately. These may follow housebreaking or bringing in sand or mud to pee on. 

  1. Tired, lethargy behaviour 

If your dog seems too lethargic, dull or lacks energy and interest in anything, this is something you must be worried about. It can be both, either any physical issue or it may be in a depressed state. Distrubed mental states of pets are affected by a number of reasons, it can be frequent change of habitant, a recent surgery, addition of a new member or loss of someone, or anything else, even if it’s not that obvious. 

  1. Loss of appetite

Dogs are generally fond of meals, excited eaters, if they refuse to eat over 24 hours, more than obvious there’s an issue. With age and for a number of reasons, their eating pattern may go through some changes, it can go from quite frequent to avoiding meals for hours. But if it crosses the bar of 24 hours, it is something to be concerned about. 

Signs also tell you about a perfectly fine health, it communicates both ways. Here are some signs to assure yourself with your little friend’s well being. As a popular poop scoop service provider we also know that cleaning dog poop  is really  important to protect other dogs’ health.Consuming other dogs poop can be harmful.

  1. Engaged, alert and attentive

A healthy happy dog is always active and engaged in something or other. If your dog greets you at the door, always playful around you, excited for treats, you have a healthy pet. Also it loves you! 

  1. Regular Bowel movement
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Tracking your pets digestive health can tell you so much about its physical well being. If you see no signs of diarrhea, or greasy coatings over the stool, tarry or black appearance, discoloration or blood, mucus or presence of eggs or worms, there’s nothing to be worried about. 

  1. Clean eyes, ears, mouth and nose. 

Any discharge from eyes, ears or nose can be a symptom there’s something wrong. Keep a check on ears, nose and eyes, along with fresh breath to know its health better. 

These are simple ways to know your pet better, as taking care is another way to say I love you!

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