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When to Use Virtual Pet Care

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If you are concerned about your pet’s health, virtual pet care offers the ability to talk with a veterinary professional from the comfort of your home. This can be helpful if either you or your pet are unable or do not like leaving your home. 

There are plenty of veterinary telemedicine platforms that can provide you with access to helpful information. These telehealth options are a great way to reach out to an expert and learn more before scheduling an in-person veterinary appointment. 

Quick Questions

Sometimes you have a quick question about your pet that doesn’t seem like it needs a full vet visit but you are still concerned. In that case, an online visit can be beneficial. Virtual pet care can provide you with helpful answers to quick questions, such as why your pup is scooting on the carpet, or whether you should worry about a new red spot. 

Minor Illnesses

Minor illnesses are the most common reason to get help using virtual pet care. There are plenty of minor illnesses that could go away on their own, such as a mild upset stomach or itching from a bug bite. However, minor symptoms like an upset stomach could also indicate a bigger issue. 

If you are concerned that your dog’s symptoms may be part of a more significant issue, it is always smart to speak with a veterinary expert. Utilizing a telehealth site for dogs can get you in contact with a pet health professional to learn if there are any helpful at-home solutions, what to watch for if things get worse, and if needed why it is important to visit a veterinary clinic in person.


Sometimes, pet parents want to consult with a pet health professional to learn how to provide a better lifestyle for their furry friend. Telehealth can be a great tool to educate families and help them better understand their unique dogs. From behavior to how to feed a healthy diet, telehealth sessions can give pet parents the personalized information they need to make the best decisions for their pet without the long wait for an in-person visit. 

Can My Dog Get a Prescription Through Telehealth?

No, at this time your dog cannot get prescribed medications through telehealth. For the safety of your pet, your veterinarian will likely need to see your pet in person to be able to legally prescribe medications. Prescription medications are just one part of the care for your pet. A virtual visit can help you understand what your pet may need and help you find a clinic near you for an in-person follow-up. 

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